Emily Leary’s Get Your Kids To Eat Anything Book Review

Though we don’t have kids ourselves we still eat plenty of meals with the 3 small people we do know. I never realised how awkward children can be at the dinner table, especially when it comes to fussy eating. Now I remember as a child going on holiday was a challenge as all I trusted was chips. I wasn’t a big fan of trying new foods but bit by bit as I got older I started to eat better. While… View Post

Celebrating National Kite Flying Day With Kitedrone Twinstar

There are so many different holiday outdoor activities here in the UK we love to do. One of those is kite flying, I remember when I was younger it was something we would do together on holiday. We loved going to Bamburgh in Northumberland for the bank holidays and would go camping. We loved going to the beach for a paddle in the sea and to do a bit of Kite Flying. I was so excited to hear that Kitedrone… View Post

Saving Mother’s Day With ProCook’s Baking Range

There are so many ways we choose to show appreciation to our parents, one of these things in celebrating Mother’s Day. While I don’t always shower my mum in gifts I do like to show her everything she does is appreciated and I like to make her feel special. As we grow up we start to struggle with ideas, especially if your mum can get things for herself. My mum is a star, since moving into our house she has… View Post

Review : Klean Kanteen TKPro .75L Insulated Flask

Ever since I was young I would spend most of my weekends walking in the Yorkshire Dales with my unwilling sisters, parents and my Auntie Linda. We would be gone all day and often take a bag full of food to have a picnic along the way. When it was colder (because we walked no matter the weather) my Auntie Linda would often bring a flask of tomato soup for us to have. A cup of tea for us girls… View Post

Review: Casdon Supermarket Till Toy Set

Matilda is at a great age where playing pretend (though possibly real to her) is so much fun. She has a little kitchen at home and a whole playhouse at her Nannies. She has so much around her that encourages her to play pretend, make cups of tea and cook in her kitchen. One of the things she really loves to play is shops. But the only thing letting us down in our playtime was we had nothing like a… View Post

February 2019 – What We Watched This Month

I’m sorry February’s edition of what we watched this month is a little late. Helen and I have been in Hamburg for Traverse inaugural Keyframe video conference. Which is another reason why this month’s list seems so damn short… I honestly felt like we’d watched more than what we had. Then again is two box sets and one movie in 28 days really that bad going? Dumplin’ Kicking things off with the Netflix original film featuring Jennifer Anniston, Dumplin. I’d seen… View Post

Review: Casdon Dyson Cordless Vacuum For Kids

Up until a couple of days ago, 2-year-old Matilda was scared of the vacuum. Not ideal for the new found fans of Mrs Hinch & Marie Kondo. So, when Casdon got in touch and asked us if we’d be interested in checking out their new Dyson cordless vacuum for kids, we were in two minds at to whether or not it would be well received in The Harrison Household. Sadly, Matilda’s tears started pretty much as soon as we got out… View Post

January 2019 – What We Watched This Month

Welcome to 2019, a year that’s set to be pretty fantastic when it comes to cinema releases. What with Toy Story 4, Dumbo & The Lion King for kids (and adults) not to mention the release of the Ted Bundy based film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile staring Zac Effron. Yep, we’re in for a great year! But right now let’s talk about January, and what we watched this month; Adults Bird Box We started the year with the… View Post

Victoria Plum Bathroom Accessories Review

Since moving into our new old house we have been working on one room at a time. We decided to work on the main rooms that we were going to need such as the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. After finishing the bedroom and unfortunately having to replace the boiler and some radiators it was time to do the bathroom. While the bathroom isn’t in bad condition it was a little worn and needed some love put into it. After paying SO much… View Post

Review: Guinness World Records Challenges Board Game

We were sent this awesome Guinness World Records Challenges Board Game in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.  Nothing says family like a board game am I right? It is a great way to bond, have fun and really test your relationships. Well, we had the pleasure of being sent the new game from the guys over at Guinness World Records. Their new game Challenges is about taking your knowledge and skill set… View Post