10 Benefits Of Sewing And Why It Is Good For You.

I have been interested in sewing since I was younger and my Grandma made me a dress. I soon fell in love with designing, making and all things creative. I didn’t start learning to sew properly until I was at college and made chorus costumes for the performances they held.

I then went on to do a 3-year degree in Historical and Performance costume. I was thrown in at the deep end but loved every minute of it. I made wonderful friends that even 4 years later we are very much still in touch and a big part of each other lives. I put down a lot of my confidence and friendships down to sewing. Let’s explore my benefits of sewing and why it is good for you.

1 – Confidence

I was quite a shy person and would only come out of my shell when I was very comfortable. I was unfortunate to not have many friends when I left college and was very nervous about meeting other people.

Getting into sewing was very helpful as some more experienced sewists could tell I was a little out of my depth and soon came to help me, this broke the ice and soon helped me feel more confident to speak to others. Things such as craft groups, Facebook groups, and sewing groups or sewing classes are really great for getting to know people and building your confidence.

2 – Emotional Well-Being

Sewing can be very calming and therapeutic, coming home after a crazy day nothing would be nicer to sit and do some hand sewing. It can be very calming and quite a mindless task meaning your brain can wonder and you can feel relaxed.

You can also call this ‘me time’, which may sound selfish but we all need that time to ourselves. We all need to pamper ourselves and take the time to do something we enjoy, take the time to sew something or move to your next step on your project. You will be much happier for it!

This has to be the most benefit of sewing for me as after a stressful day it is nice to be able to leave it all and find my own world. It can give you a break from everyday stresses and make you feel much better.

3 – Uniqueness 

Sewing can make you any number of items from homeware, clothes, toys and gifts. You can create a whole unique look to your wardrobe, home and something extra special for your loved ones. I have recently been making clothes for myself and trying out new techniques, this had been great to hear the lovely comments from friends and strangers on my dress or bag.

I made this top for when we came traveling and love it! No one else has anything like it and makes me feel great!

4 – Hand-Eye Coordination

Working with a sewing machine or hand sewing requires hand-eye coordination. Sewing often will improve your hand-eye coordination which helps keep our brains active and nimble as well as our fingers! I am terribly clumsy when I am not concentrating so I need all the help I can get.

5 – Social Life

Joining groups, classes or even online groups can improve your social life. When I started sewing and speaking to more people it gave me more in common with people. People who didn’t sew wanted to know more about it and those who can sew recommended tips and products. It can soon turn into sewing clubs and meet ups.

It is great to find others with the same interest and passion as yourself, there is only so much fabric your other half can see and pretend to be excited about! This is one of the greatest benefits of sewing, making new friends along the way.

6 – Creative Mind

We all have a creative mind in one way or another but some minds are programmed to be different and that’s great! We need variety in life, sewing can be a great way to help your creative mind get active and used.

I loved designing as a child but soon felt deflated when nothing but a picture was coming out of my head, I loved sewing as it was a useful product that I had made. There are great benefits of sewing allowing a creative mind to grow and learn more whilst doing.

7 – Learning

Sewing can provide you with a lifetime of learning because I think there are so many different genres of sewing. Clothes making, quilt making, patchwork quilt making, homewares, furniture recovering etc. There are so many different niches of sewing withing sewing itself and so many skills to learn.

This can keep you entertained and fulfilled for many years. The best part is none of it is stressful or tedious because of you already like sewing you do it because you enjoy it. Being able to make your own clothes is a great benefit of sewing, it can open up doors and even start you on a new career path.

8 – Wards Off Dementia

Sewing is a great activity as it keeps the hands busy and your brain busy. Your brain is a muscle like any other muscle in your body, it needs to be trained and active.

Sewing helps your brain stay active by repeating small steps every time you sew meaning your brain stays moving and alert. This will, later on, help protect you from Dementia.

9 – Focus And Concentration

Sewing will require focus and concentration unless you are doing something quite repetitive then you can relax a little. Sewing requires focus and concentration which is training yourself to be completely on one task. This is great as once you have trained yourself to devote your brainpower to one task, you can then take this skill and use it on other elements in life.

I am terribly easily distracted but as soon as I start a project, I will happily not want to move until it is complete. I become so focused and excited to see the outcome that I won’t stop until I am finished. I love this benefits of sewing as it gives me something to work towards and a small win when it is done.

10 – Time Away From Smart Devices

Being a blogger I do need to spend a certain amount of time on my Mac, but also means I need a significant time away from my smart devices. If you work in an office or spend the majority of your day looking at some kind of screen it can be very tiring for your eyes and hurts. If I spend too long on my Mac, words start to blur and I lose all focus.

This is also very bad for us come night time when we are winding down for bed, spending too much time looking at the bright light can fool your brain into staying awake. Meaning you are not letting your brain naturally get tired and ready to sleep.

I myself find it hard to sit and do nothing, we don’t watch television so we find entertainment elsewhere. I use this time to sew which keeps my hands and mind active but doesn’t keep me awake for the rest of the night. This for me is a great benefit of sewing as it gives me times to still be active without stimulating my mind too much before sleeping.

Sewing has given me so much joy and sense of achievement. It is a great skill to learn and can be very useful. I am so happy every day for the skill I have learned, the people I have helped and people I have met. If you have any other benefits of sewing and how it has helped you let me know.

Let me know down in the comments about how sewing has changed your life.

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