10 Best Family Christmas Films

If you know me at all, you will know that I absolutely love this time of year. Time to snuggle down with a film on and enjoy a box of chocolates (that you were supposed to give to the neighbours) and a hot chocolate. I like having a Christmas film on in the background while wrapping presents and doing a bad job of it too!

I also have watched the majority of these films more than 10 times, some more than 20. The best thing about the films is that they really get you in the Christmas spirit. With the Christmas tree lights flickering in the background and the smell of the fresh tree it just makes me excited thinking about it.

These are my top Family Christmas Films…

Family Films


Elf has to be up there with the top films, it is family friendly, funny and has all the important Christmas elements you need. I originally didn’t want to see this film and my friend actually got me to watch it and I loved it. Even if you think it isn’t for you, it is for everyone.

Home Alone 1,2 and 3

A true classic, now you may want to check what your kids are doing with the paints cans and glue. But otherwise, a truly amazing film to watch, not once you feel bad for Kevin but envy him. With any sequel, the films get a little less interesting but still a staple film choice for Christmas.

The Muppets Christmas Carol

Another great film especially for the family, I used to love the Muppets films so this was always on the cards. With witty humour and some songs to sing along to you really can’t go wrong.

Polar Express

This is a big favourite with a lot of people and I can see why. It took me some time to really enjoy it but I can see the magic in the film. And who couldn’t watch a film with Tom Hanks? Even if it is just his voice.


Nightmare Before Christmas

I love this twist of this film, this is a great film to watch to get away from some of the more fairytale type films. Which are also great but you can’t miss this one off the list. There are some great songs to sing along to and new characters to love.

The Grinch

Who doesn’t hate, wait I mean love the Grinch? My nephew was very scared of him when he was younger. He is a great character to love and hate but either way you have to watch the Grinch. Even if you don’t like him you will love the Who’s in whoville.

Miracle On 34th Street

This may be old now but still such a great film. With a lovely old man playing the role of Santa Claus for a large department store actually being Santa Claus with the famous Matilda, you couldn’t get more magical. The film is soft, heartwarming and genuine, I loved watching this as a child and loved seeing Christmas in New York.

Mickeys Christmas Carol

Though we may have had The Muppets Christmas Carol, doesn’t mean you can’t have another right? Thought so. Everyone loves Mickey and friends so it is only fair that they get to help spread the festive cheer this Christmas.

The Harry Potter Films

This may be really odd to some people but if you are really wanting to have a reason to stay in all day. Watch the films back to back, grab a large drink, lots of food supplies and a duvet. I really love Harry Potter films, but love them more at Christmas, they sometimes have a wintery setting so that fits right? Also, the music just sounds wintery to me.


Frozen may be an odd choice but I watched it for the first time at this time of year and loved it. If you are still easing into the big ‘C’ word and want to slide in the Christmas gently start with Frozen. It is such a good film and the frosty setting of the film sets you off just right.

For The Adults

A White Christmas

This has to be my ultimate favourite film of all time, there isn’t a scene or second that I don’t love about this film. It is fun, fancy and heartwarming, it is an absolute must. It was released in 1954 but that is just part of the charm of this film. It has singing, dancing and plenty of laughs and maybe a little crying. I could watch this film over and over I love it that much. And it gets better with Bing Crosby the voice of Christmas leading us through the film.

The Holiday

I must admit I have watched this when it isn’t Christmas because it is that good of a film, with a great cast of actors/actresses and a great story you can’t go wrong. This is romantic, sweet and just makes you feel warm inside. It is such a great film to snuggle down on the sofa with and cry into your box of celebrations.

Love Actually

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE… as the song goes! Who doesn’t love this film and everything about it! You are mad if you don’t, sorry but you are. Another amazing cast with some of my all-time favourite people and great laughs, scenes and iconic lines. There is nothing to love…actually!

A Wonderful Life

This has to be my Dad’s favourite Christmas film, I begrudgingly watch this with him. It isn’t for me but I can see why he loves it. It makes you appreciate what you have in life and is very heartfelt. This story can be a little sad but in the end turns out wonderful.. it is a given.

There you have it, my top picks for family Christmas films this year. Let me know in the comments your favouite Christmas film and why.

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