10 Classic Books Every Child Should Read Growing Up

Though I don’t do it often, I love to read. To me, there is nothing more that really pushes the boundaries of your imagination than reading. Reading the way a scene is and how it feels is a great way to expand someone’s imagination. I loved to read as a child and can remember to this day many books I loved reading over and over again.

Dear Zoo – Rod Campbell

This must appear on everyone’s list, right? I will be shocked if someone says they have never read it. Though very minimal reading goes on it is a great book to get started with young children as it is interactive. As the pages have tabs that move and open with bright colours and animated animals it is fun and simple book.

Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney

I loved this as I loved rabbits. I had a soft toy rabbit who I loved and just enjoyed this book. This book is such a feel-good book about a young rabbit trying to guess how much the parent loves him. The book was originally released in the UK but then grew in popularity and was sold in the US. The book is widely known and still printed to this day, you can even buy plush toys to go with it.

Harry Potter Series –  J.K Rowling

If you didn’t know that I like… I mean LOVE Harry Potter by now you don’t know me well. I have watched the films countless times and have read the books just as many. The books don’t just give you plenty to imagine but take you to a whole new place to escape. The wizarding world is full of endless opportunities with mystical creatures and lovable characters. The books are well written for all ages to enjoy and I wouldn’t just highly recommend but say you MUST read them.

The Last Noo Noo – Jill Murphy

I remember this book well as my mum would read it with/to me when I was younger. When she was trying to get me away from dummies she would hide them in her bedside draws, only I would go find them. This book is the same story but with a fantastic twist including a noo noo tree. The book is great for younger readers as it has wonderful pictures and is a lovely story. Though I haven’t seen this in shops for a while you can still find copies on Amazon.

Can’t You Sleep Little Bear – Martin Waddell

This was another book my mum would read to me, it was about a little bear in the bear cave who couldn’t sleep. A little like Goldilocks and the three bears it was a trial and error situation for daddy bear. It is well illustrated and was a lovely story to have before bedtime. Again this was aimed at much younger ages but all the same a lovely story. I believe this is still available in certain bookstores as well as Amazon.

The Little Princess

I actually saw this as a film before reading it which lead me to read it. I loved the film as it was the epitome of imagination being brought to life. The little girl was to stay in a girls boarding school while her father went off to war, rumours of his death led her to be treated like a maid and so to keep her spirits up she told stories. Her stories would come alive and enchant the house and the other girls. The book is a wonderful read for children and the film is also great.

Jacqueline Wilson Books

I loved reading Jacqueline Wilson books, I would read them religiously and found I would be checking W H Smiths for the latest release. These were great as they had colourful front pages and small illustrations throughout the book to help set the scene. My favourites were among The Lottie Project, Midnight and The Girls In Love Series.

Roald Dahl Books

Every book is fantastic so there is no particular book I would recommend. Roald Dahl books are the perfect balance of whimsical adventure and childish humour. Everything about Roald Dahl’s books are wonderful and great reads for children growing up. I re-read ‘The Witches’ for a project at university and found it just as fun and imaginitive as I did when I was younger.

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy – Lynley Dodd

This was such a good book, I loved reading it and looking at the pictures. There were multiple books by the same author that I enjoyed and Hairy Maclary came in a series. The story follows and unruly dog getting up to mischief and havoc. Great reads for children, with amusing pictures to accompany.

Where’s Spot

I had this and remember reading it to my cousins, it is a very simple book for much younger years but it is interactive and colourful. It is a simple reading with flaps to lift to find spot and is fun for children.

They are my top 10, however, there are plenty that I remember but cannot for the life of me remember what they were called. I would love to know what your favourite book was growing up and why. If like me you have an adult favourite book let me know in the comments as I would love to find something new to read.

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