Our 2018 Bucket List

I’ve been highly inspired by Katy Kickers 2017 Bucket List post. So much so I have been keeping up to date with her progress throughout the year. So much so it’s motivated us to take on our own 2018 Bucket List challenge.



Wherever possible I’ve tried to make the bucket list include SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. To hopefully help us in achieving every one of our goals.

Go Away Once A Month

In 2017 Helen and I did more travelling than ever before. This was a goal of the year, and we sold our house to provide us with the freedom of doing so. We’ve already made a start on planning 2018, and have decided that we’d like to go away at least once a month. Whether that’s just a trip away in England or an international journey.

So far, we have;

January: London for 2 nights for Niall / Helens birthday




May: BlogOn Blogging Conference in Manchester, Wedding in Wales & Traverse in Rotterdam


July: Los Angeles for 2 weeks

August: Rome for 2 nights (flights to Japan from here)

September: Japan for one month




Learn To Knit

This is all Helen, she’s the crafty one and despite being a pro-sewer something she’s not yet managed is to learn how to knit.

Indoor Skydiving

This is one of that super cool adrenaline things that I’ve seen others do and I’d just love to try in 2018.

Go On A Cruise

For a while now I’ve been saying that in 2018 I wanted two main things. To go to Japan, and to go on a cruise. We’ve managed to book Japan and hopefully, we’ll be able to tick off booking a cruise very, very soon.

Helen and I have both been on those mini-cruises. However, we’re really looking for the more traditional cruising experience in 2018. I find it impossible to just sit by the pool while on holiday. Instead, I’m always looking to go off exploring, so I’ve no idea why we didn’t think about going on a cruise sooner.

Watch Top 100 Movies

This is A LOT of movies. We’re going with the list from Rotton Tomatoes. Although there’s a number of different lists, this one tends to have a good mix of classics and modern day films.

I’ve never really been much of a film buff, so I thought I’d try and change that. I’ve already crossed off the movies we’ve seen (mainly the more recent Disney films LOL). That’s left us with 90 to go. You can use the check-list and follow along too if you like.

Go Swimming Once A Week

Home or abroad, swimming is something that’s pretty easy to do and I believe going once a week is certainly possible.

It’s a great form of exercise that works your entire body. Better still, I find swimming fun. Well, except for the whole getting in the pool, super self-conscious part.

Publish 365 Quality Posts On The Harrison Household

Helen and I are both really excited about where this blog is going. We’ve decided to dedicate as much time as we possibly can to it in 2018. To make that a SMART goal we decided to publish 365 quality posts on the site – that’s one for every day of the year, in case you didn’t notice.

We’re not going to try and publish one every day, in fact, you may find that some days we don’t post any and some we post three – it just falls like that sometimes.

For us personally, the most important thing is that the posts are of a high standard and quality. It’s totally pointless us publishing 365 posts that are no good to no-one. Instead, we want to share information, personal stories, reviews and basically life with you guys!

Enter Competitions

This was a goal that was really hard to SMART. As super-comper Di Coke says, you should only enter what you want to win. So, I’m basically going to enter the competitions that have prizes that we want to win – and hopefully, you know, win a couple…

Average 10,000 Steps A Day

I would really like a Fitbit, Apple Watch or some sort of device to monitor this more carefully. However, for now, I’m going to be using my iPhone. And because I’m a real gadget nerd I’ve been able to track my steps using my iPhone for a few years now.

In fact, the photo below shows my averages for 2015, 2016 and 2017. All of which are way below the recommended amount of 10,000.

In 2018, I hope to change that. Again, I’m not going for 10,000 a day, I’m going for 10,000 average. As I find for me personally that’s going to be more achievable. Here’s some additional information on the benefits of walking 10,000 steps a day.


As always we’d love to know what your goals are for 2018. Have you made yourself a bucket list? Let us know in the comments below…

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