5 Tips For Staying Organised At Home

One thing about working in a professional environment is that you benefit from the office organisation that already exists. Working from home as a mum makes keeping things tidy and organised feel impossible. Your environment is constantly in upheaval and finding enough time in the day to do everything seems impossible.

The good news is, it’s not. You can be more organised and relieve a lot of the pressure you are under as a stay at home mum. Take these five basic tips on getting organised at home. They’ll help you form simple but effective responses to your need for more time and better organisation.

Designate Storage

First off, if you want to be organised in your house, everything you use needs to have a home. I’m not talking about a junk drawer. I mean all items you regularly need should have a permanent designated spot where you can always find it. There are two components to being an organised mum.

One is getting organised and the other is staying that way. So designating your storage has to be intentional and purposeful. Not just getting things out of sight so that they look organised.

It’s a discipline, but the sooner you learn how to be intentional with the placement of things you use at home, the better organised you will remain. It may require you to slow down and be more methodical, but it will pay dividends in saving you time on searching for necessary items when you are in a hurry.

Minimize Clutter

This is a major reason most mums have a hard time getting and staying organised at home. Remember that junk drawer?

It’s full of things you never use and have no immediate plans to use. Despite that, it’s taking up space in your house and probably your mind even if you aren’t aware of it.

Too many storage solutions are designed to help you keep your clutter, but that’s not the same thing as designating storage, It’s a facade. The real way to be organised at home is to get rid of the things that are holding you back. Save yourself money on shelves and boxes!

Orchestrate Your Schedule

If you don’t already use a planner app, you should definitely start. Use it for everything. The best way to organize your mum-life is to schedule it all on your computer and integrate it with your phone so you receive alerts whenever scheduled tasks or events turn up.

The less you need to keep things straight in your head, the more clearly you can focus. If you are thorough enough, you’ll have better success following through on plans. That means everything, not just appointments, and deadlines.

Kids meals, diaper changes, playtime, learning time, cleaning time… all of it needs to have a place in your regular day and if you don’t take control, all of that will control you.

Authorize Tasks

Aside from scheduling everything you have to do in a planner, you should be writing out important tasks somewhere that is easy to see and read. A whiteboard in the kitchen, or in your home office goes a long way to helping you organize your time and get things done.

Especially with a more regimented lifestyle, you’ll discover that you occasionally have some time you won’t know what to do with. Don’t laugh. It’s true. When that happens you can stay on top or you can fall behind. It all comes down to your list of things you want to get done.

Delegate Responsibility

A lot of the time, being a mum means you have to let go of some responsibilities sometimes. This is the hardest thing to do for some of us.

We have so many plates spinning that giving up control on anything seems impossible. However, if you want to be more organised at home, you will need to become comfortable with accepting help from others in the family who are capable of jumping in and lightening your load.

I’m not kidding that this is hard to do, but it’s so essential and you will breathe so much better once you see that you can trust others to help you get to the finish line each day.

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