6 Ways To Help You Sleep Naturally

There is nothing that we love more than sleep, well maybe food but you see my point. I will be 100% honest without a good nights sleep I am such a moody person. I can be difficult, grumpy and I get emotional, it’s not good and not fair on Cora at all! So here are a few things I use to get a good night sleep.

1. Shower/Bath

If you have the option to take a shower or a bath I would. Especially after a busy or stressful day I find that taking the time to shower really helps my muscles and mind relax ready for bed. The thought of feeling fresh and clean can really calm the mind and help you drift off for a great nights sleep.

2. Fresh Bedding/ Fresh PJs

I know every night you can’t change your bedding but try it for one night and see if you see a difference. I love the feeling of getting into bed and having fresh jammies and fresh bedding. The smell of the washing powder and the softness really helps me feel calm and ready to sleep.

3. Read

Though this can be seen as stimulating, which is true it is but it also helps push out the thoughts of the day of things you need to do or things you want to do. Reading will fill your mind of the book instead of all the other thoughts you have going on. Read anything you find interesting as long as it isn’t work-related.

4. Create a Mind Dump Page

This sounds so odd but since having our journals and somewhere to note down ideas and thoughts has helped so much. If your not into using a journal try having a piece of paper by your bed and any thought or idea you have before sleeping note it down. This way you don’t forget what you wanted to remember and the thought is out of your mind to allow you to sleep.

5. Tech-Free Time

I will admit this is one we struggle the most with and one we need to work on but I have found that having a tech-free time or phone free time helps us relax and get ready to sleep. I like being able to get into bed and just sleep without stimulating my brain from the lights of my phone.

6. Get Rid Of Any Lights

I know I struggle if I have a lot of light around and I can find it distracting. Of course, when I was younger I was scared of the dark and would need a little something to keep the ghosts away. Now the darker the room the better. Try turning off the tv by the plug and any other small light such as your alarm. Even if you have your phone on charge in your room, have it facing down to stop any light showing. The lights in your room can trigger your mind and make you think it is earlier than it is breaking the pattern of your sleep. In turn, this will make you a grumpy person.

If you have any other ways that help you sleep, let me know what they are. If you have a particular brand of mattress, pillows or bedding you use to help you sleep let me know. If you do struggle to sleep after trying a number of things I would recommend going to see your GP for further help.

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