6 Ways To Get You Motivated On A Morning

We all struggle at this time of year to get up in the dark and motivate ourselves to work. It isn’t easy to get up in the dark and feel like you are going to have a good day. We have all been there so here are some of the ways I start my day to be more productive and happier.

Make The Bed

I have read over and over on the internet and books that making the bed really helps to start the day off right. It is a simple task that is easily achieved that gives you a win for the day already. This small task for me means I can carry on the day knowing I have already done one task.

Once I start ticking off a few things, no matter how small, I see them as a win. Making me feel productive and much happier, eventually, this leads me to achieve much more with my day than I originally planned.

Getting Dressed

I know for many reading this post may be working in an office or actually leaves the house for work. But this is for those who work from home. When we both started working from home we would spend all day in our PJ’s only attempting to change to make the post office run.

This was great for a while but soon got me down, this was something that I just didn’t like doing anymore. So to give myself a routine I would get myself up, teeth brushed and get dressed. Even if it was into joggers and a baggy t-shirt, it was the effort of going from one state of mind to another.


I can be very hit and miss with breakfast, some days I can forget about it and others I love it. I have always been this way, I used to make a sandwich to take to school but ended up eating for breakfast on my way.

Whether you are a breakfast person or not, making the conscious effort to create a time in which you would consume breakfast can give you the time to wake up and prepare yourself for the day. Get a drink or spend the time having 10 minutes doing something without rushing around.

Prepare Your Daily Tasks

I will admit I enjoy doing the washing and cleaning the house, not everyone does I know… But I do. Things like setting the washing going or the dishwasher or simply cleaning up from last nights meal makes me feel so much more productive.

Clearing up and tidying up the mess is proven to clear the mind, like your getting rid of the rubbish from your mind. It can be another small task that doesn’t have to take long that can make you feel like you have another win behind you and all before you have left the house for work.

Break Down Big Tasks Into Smaller Chunks

Much like I said before achieving many small things can make you feel like you have achieved one big thing. So try breaking down cleaning the house into mopping the kitchen and cleaning the work surfaces. Or creating new content for your blog into research into new ideas and then creating drafts with bullet points. Whether you get all of it done that day or just a few points it is still a win.

Sometimes coming to write a blog post I find it very overwhelming, a feeling that I should be able to start typing and the rest will follow. Nope, not a chance. I tend to struggle to find a starting point, well break down that big task into smaller ones and pick your starting point.

Reward Yourself

So many of us power through the day and feel miserable by the end of it? Why? Why not make yourself feel better throughout the day and be less stressed? Try giving yourself a goal to work towards or reward yourself.  Give yourself something to work towards, it doesn’t always have to be extravagant but just something for you to look forward to.

Especially if you work from home, your self-discipline can waver, you might sit in front of the TV instead of sitting at the desk and so on. We take a break over lunch time and dinner to watch some TV with lunch or even if we have had a busy morning we treat ourselves to an afternoon or hour off.

If you have any particular way in which helps you be motivated on a morning or even through the day, let me know in the comments below. Is it as simple and listening to your new favourite song on your way to work? Or showering before going to work to really feel fresh. I would love to know what works for you.

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