Aldi’s So Crafty Pickup | Why You Need To Stock Up

I am guessing that if you’re reading this your a keen crafter or looking to become one, well if so this is perfect for you to stock up on some goodies and take a chance on a new venture.

Earlier today I saw on one of the many sewing groups I am apart of on Facebook that Aldi had a tonne of crafting, sewing and knitting equipment and kits. I said to myself I will eat my dinner and go afterwards, not wanting to seem too eager to my other half. I was trying to play cool ( not that I think I managed it), these deals don’t come around often and so when they do I like to make the most of them.

This is a very small amount of what they had on offer but I managed to restrain myself from buying everything. Here is what I got and how much it cost me.

Hobby Case – £4.99

I have lots of small things like buttons, fastenings and zips that can take up a lot of room in my sewing box and I don’t always require them so this is perfect storage system to keep them organised and together in one place.

Sewing Assortment Set – £3.99

I am a lazy sewer when it comes to changing the thread and spool, I can never be bothered to do it and predominantly stick with white thread (I know this is very bad of me!)  If you’re like me this is perfect with a rainbow colour selection of threads and matching spools.

Knit Your Own Stripy Socks Kit – £3.99

I have tried to learn to knit and crochet and never quite managed it, I never quite put in the hard work but always wanted to learn. I am forever in awe of people making their own knitted hats and blankets but kits have always been too expensive for me to try and not carry on with. This is perfect as it doesn’t break the bank and it is simple and very cute! Maybe this time I can finally learn!

6 Fat Quarter Bundles – £3.99 Each

I am a lover for fat quarter bundles, the pattern matching and cutting has been done for you and presented in a perfect little package. I generally save money and buy reduced bundles as I find they can be quite expensive especially themed packs such as Christmas prints. These are perfect and good quality for a bargain price. I regret not getting more now!

Simple Print Making Book – £1.49

I already knew on the odd occasion I would find sewing and cooking books in Aldi but not seen this one before. Cora actually found this one and persuaded me to get it and try out printing, I did printing at university but unfortunately, I could never have the setup they have on offer there! This was a bargain at £3.99 nevermind at £1.49!

So there it is my Aldi craft haul. Hope you liked what I picked up and Make sure to get to your local store now to check out what they have on offer. I spotted everything from card making, crafting, knitting, crochet and sewing. Even sewing machines if anyone is after a new machine or even for beginners is a great place to start.

5 thoughts on “Aldi’s So Crafty Pickup | Why You Need To Stock Up

  1. Can I ask how you got on with the socks as I have been struggling with them and have unpicked half a dozen times and still not right. Thanks

    1. I haven’t even had the time to get to them yet, it was my mission to do them over Christmas and then that failed me. I hope I don’t struggle too much. Is it fairly straightforward otherwise?

  2. I’ve had a problem with the cable front of winter jumper. Just unpicked it 4 times and can’t get the pattern right.

    1. Oh, that sounds terrible. I still need to make time to make the socks. is it a fault with the pattern do you think?

    2. Hi, can I just ask where it says on the pattern after cable row 1, for row 2 to k stitches and p stitches does that mean we have to reverse stitch as per row 1. For example where we knitted row 1, we have to purl and where we purled, we have to knit?

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