August 2018 – What We Watched This Month

We’re back with another ‘What We Watched This Month’. It’s the peak of Summer, so you’ll have to forgive us if actually, all we’ve been truly watching is the Baby Shark video on repeat around the pool on our family holiday to Fuerteventura. Because it’s at least partly true… Although we did manage to fit in a couple of other things too!

The Adults

Desperate Housewives

As you may know by now we love watching series and the more episodes and series there is the better. As we came to a holt on what to watch we chose to find something that already had a lot of seasons. We searched and found Desperate Housewives, Cora had watched a little bit of this series before but many years ago.

We have only watched through the first series but we are enjoying it. The series is old enough to have a good backlog of seasons without being too old it was weird to watch. We are really enjoying the first season so far and are looking forward to getting onto the next. Desperate Housewives is funny, light-hearted and dramatic, it has everything you could need in a series.


We’re huge fans of How To Get Away With Murder, which is why I’m surprised that it’s taken us 18 months to watch leading lady, Viola Davis in the multi-award winning movie, Fences. It’s not necessarily a genre of movie that we’d choose, however, I’m glad we finally did.

The movie is so strong and powerful, it’s hard not to become emotionally invested in the lives of the characters, or be wiping away tears come the closing credits.

The Teens

Lady Bird

I watched this film on the way to Japan, there were plenty of English speaking films which surprised me. I had seen the adverts and promos for the film and just hadn’t had the chance to see it. It was different to how I thought it may be but I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed the simplicity of the story as it was about a girl growing up and experimenting with who she wants to be. It was a little emotional between the relationship with her mother and was genuinely nice to see.f your not into a film with feelings or teenage drama then this isn’t for you.

The Kids

The Incredibles 2

Now, this is a film I feel everyone should see! As always Disney has made an awesome action-packed film with lovable characters and funny moments. There is plenty of hidden humour for the adults and lots of cool moments for the kids. We took my nephew to see it at the cinema and we all loved it. The first Incredibles film was great but this is so much cooler. By far my favourite character is Edna Mode and Jack Jack, as they have a bonding time.

The incredible family pick up as they left off and so the story continues, with villains and lots of fun. We get to see more of frozone, who doesn’t love frozone? There is also the appearance of some other new superheroes which is exciting! It did get us talking about if we had a superpower which superhero would you be?

I decided I would be Violet as I want the protective shield. My nephew would like to be Dash and Cora wanted to be Mr Incredible.

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