Review: Watermelon Smash Game – This Game Is So Much Fun!

Board games are becoming more and more fun and interactive recently. First with Speak Out, then Pie Face and now… Watermelon Smash!  This game is so much fun, and I know it’s going to be a huge hit with our family and friends over the festive period. We even made an entire Youtube video playing the game so if you’re still unsure, check that out below. How To Play Players first fill the watermelon with water in the designated compartment. Take turns spinning the spinner to determine how many times they tap the watermelon on their heads. The melon will begin cracking open. Then at random, it will completely pull apart into two pieces, in which the contents of the… View Post

Review: O’keeffe’s Working Hands & Healthy Feet

Playing video games, typing up articles, filming videos, sorting Lego,  packing boxes. These are just a couple of the tasks my hands take-on on a daily basis. Which is why I was so grateful to O’keeffe’s when they got in touch and offered to help. Created by the pharmacist Tara O’Keeffe almost three decades ago now. The solution for O’keeffe’s hand cream came when Tara was looking for a solution to help her diabetic father with his dry and cracked skin. Of course, over the space of three decades, O’Keeffe’s have gained a great amount of success worldwide which has enabled them to go on and develop both lip and foot treatment. My focus, however, was on my cracked and… View Post

Review: Squeezamals – Squishy, Squeezey, Squeezamals!

If I know one thing, it’s that there are two things kids love right now; Squishies and Unicorns. Luckily, there’s a brand that has combined the two! These are Squeezamals; There are a whole host of different animals in Squeezamals form, however, we’re Unicorn lovers in The Harrison Household so we were super excited to try this one out! The Unicorn Squeezamal below is an 18-inch edition, although you can get smaller if you prefer! We love the minimalist packaging used on this toy, the cardboard is more than enough to provide us with the information we needed about the toy and is widely recyclable once the toy has been detached.  The super cute characteristics of the toy make you want to… View Post

A Great Gift For Someone Who Has Everything… Ancestry Adventure With Living DNA

Christmas is fast approaching, and once again Helen and I are struggling as to what to buy the people in our lives who have everything… our parents. We asked around, and it turns out were not the only ones with this problem, with many of our friends saying that for once they’d actually like to really, truly surprise that person with something they don’t have that’s more than just a beer gift set or a couple of pairs of novelty socks. Luckily, Living DNA got in touch and gave us an amazing gift idea for those people who are difficult to buy for… Living DNA is a DNA testing site that genealogists, and people with an interest in their heritage, are… View Post

Review: Hamster Race – The Cheese Chasing, Hamster Racing Game!

It’s getting colder, wetter and darker outside, which in The Harrison Household means only one thing… board game season. To kick things off we’re checking out the cheese chasing, hamster racing game – Hamster Race by John Adams. The Hamster Race board game is currently available from major retailers with an RRP of £19.99 and is suitable for ages 4+ (although 2-year-old Matilda didn’t understand the process of the game, she quickly fell in love with the Hamsters) and is designed for 2 – 4 players making it perfect for the entire family! Setting up the game is pretty simple. Just a couple of parts need clipping together, although there are instructions to help if you get stuck. The aim… View Post

Review: Power Dough By Canal Toys

I’m always excited when technology meets toys, and the new toy Power Dough by Canal Toys is no different. This super fun modelling set allows you to bring your creations to life with different sounds, motions and lights. We were sent the Power Dough Funny Pets set to review. We have a lot of pets in The Harrison Household so this set seemed particularly fitting. The set comes with; 10 mix n’ match accessories that allow you to create an animated body for your animal. 3 different dough colours to ensure a colourful pet (we got orange, yellow and pink) 3 power parts – one sound, one motion, one light. Our power sound is for a dog bark, meanwhile, our motion… View Post

Celebrating Oral Health On World Smile Day

It’s world smile day on October 5th 2018, an event I probably wouldn’t usually think too much about. Except for this year, when I spent more than £3,500 on my oral health when I decided to get Invisalign fitted. Spend £3,500 on getting your teeth straightened to improve your confidence and believe me, you’ll think differently about your oral health. However, it doesn’t have to cost thousands of pounds to change your smile. Simple purchases such as quality toothbrushes, toothpaste and flossing sticks can have a huge difference as part of an oral health routine. We recommend implementing this routine from a very early age and investing in quality products for yourself and the rest of your family. When it comes… View Post

BFF – Best Furry Friends Mystery Packs Review

There are so many mystery boxes and mystery bags to choose from when it comes to toys right now it can be hard to decide which ones to collect and which ones to leave behind. Today, we’re checking out the new BFF Mystery Packs to see if they are going to make it onto our ‘collecting’ list! BFFs stands for Best Furry Friends and act as your bestie in a bag! They are super cute and super soft the fabric covering of the besties kind of reminds me of Sylvanian Families. The mystery BFF packs come with a kennel which is perfect to store and play with your BFF especially when you’re just getting started. Currently, we’re on series 1… View Post

September 2018 – What We Watched This Month

We’re back with another ‘What We Watched This Month’. It’s rolling into Autumn, things are getting snug and cosy and we are getting to that time where I want to lay in bed with a film and a hot chocolate. We have been in Japan most of the month, so we spent a lot of time exploring and when we did watch anything it was Desperate Housewives of course! The Adults Desperate Housewives We are currently on season 4 now, yes we have covered a lot of ground since our last ‘What We Watched This Month’. We don’t like to waste time. The stories are getting more complex, we are seeing more characters develop and become in and out of… View Post

Tiana Pop n Shop Car Playset Reviewed

Being huge fans of Tiana the star of the popular Youtube channel, Toys and Me. Frankie was thrilled to be gifted to review one of Tiana’s new toys the Pop n Shop Car Playset. The set includes the car, Tiana doll and two Pop Bags that include accessories and stickers. You can also buy separately larger Pop bags that we’re looking to review further in the near future. The accessories that came out of the pop bags are cute but very fiddly and we struggled to apply them to the Tiana doll. The car is made entirely from plastic, it’s basic but can be decorated as you wish with different stickers. Cora HarrisonThe founding member of but far from the… View Post