Review: Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed

We’re huge fans of Hatchimals so imagine our excitement when Spinmaster announced a new range to be hitting the shelves this Spring. Introducing Hatchimals Colleggtibles – Pet Obsessed series! The Hatchimals pet obsessed series includes a whole range of different products, in different formats and at different price points ensuring there’s something for everyone. Today,[Read more]

A Guide To Dehumidifiers – When & Why You Need One…

We recently purchased a lovely Victorian terrace house. Unfortunately, however, this lovely Victorian terrace house was a repossession and has been left, stood, exposed to the elements and with little repairs for years. As a result, there’s mould, damp and everything in-between… I figured this was the perfect time to talk about dehumidifiers. As a result[Read more]