Review Belly Bashimi

Who doesn’t see the Sumo wrestlers on tv and think it would be cool to do? Well, now you can with Belly Bashimi! A game for everyone to play and have hours of fun with.

Belly Bashimi is a game for anyone over the age of 7 ( don’t tell Matilda though, she likes to join in). You can play against one another or in teams which makes for a great game for families or siblings!

We were lucky enough to be sent this game, as always all opinions are our own.

What’s Included

Within the box you get 2 inflatable bellies, 2 elasticated straps with velcro on each end, the game spinner, 1 foam ring and sushi counters.

How To Play

To play the game you can work on a one on one or in teams. You set out the ring and sprinkle the sushi counters on the floor. Strap on the belly and compete against your opponent. One player spins the sushi spinner to work out which sushi disc you need to place your feet on.

Once you have your feet in place you have to try and bounce your opponent out of the ring using your belly. Once you have done three rounds the one who won the most is the sumo champion!

The game is fairly simple to understand and super fun to play with friends, family and especially kids!

Top Tip – When picking opponents try to pick people of similar heights so that the bellies touch when playing the game.

What We Thought Of Belly Bashimi

We opened the box for the first time to play and honestly, our ring was a little bent. It wouldn’t lie flat or circular so if you are planning ahead I would try and get it out to flatten and fix in place if possible.

As ours wouldn’t co-operate (due to our failure to prepare) we placed it to one side to save any trip hazards.

Once we set out our space and placed the discs on the floor, we blew up the bellies and got straight into it. If like us you struggled to keep the belly on the slim jim kids we simply tied a knot in the elastic or you could use a clip.

The game was super easy and simple to follow and honestly if we didn’t have bedtimes to get to we would have played all night. The kids couldn’t stop laughing and even when not playing the game they were happy to run around with their big bellies on.

I will note we did cheat a little as Matilda really wanted to play so her even though she is only 3. She and Frankie became opponents and we let them bash it out with their bellies. As brother and sister love to scrap it was a much more constructive outlet for them!

We took extra precautions when playing as it can be a very physical game and there can be a lot of unexpected bounce back. We moved any sharp corners or bulky furniture out of the way and placed our staging area in a carpeted open space.

We really enjoyed the game and even loved competing with the kids so each had a better chance of winning. I think this would make a great game to play together over the festive period to help work off the Christmas pudding or just for fun.

Belly Bashimi is found at retailers such as Very and retails for RRP of £17.99.

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