Blume Dolls Review – Growing Imagination And Fun

We have 3 kids that don’t just love to play but learn. Frankie especially loves to learn new things and understand why things happen the way they do. They all really enjoy watching unboxing’s on Youtube especially anything new. Bella and Matilda just love anything remotely cute and small, Frankie is the keen collector and already has his pocket money allotted for more Blume Dolls.

Blume dolls really were many things in one. They are fun, intriguing and educational. I was honestly amazed at the dolls as they were so fun and imaginative. The kids were held captive in the hold process of opening to dolls which I found a blessing.

As Frankie and Bella were so excited we had to move fast before they completely opened them and spoilt the surprise. I would definitely say to take your time to make the amazing experience last. The dolls are a wonder and will definitely amaze your little ones. We started off by looking at the packaging and what we all thought would happen and what we would find inside. I really did try and make the experience last as long as possible, even though I knew they would spend the rest of the day playing with the dolls.

What I really thought was cool was the opening experience, you have to take the small watering can and fill it with water. Once the water has fully soaked the ‘soil’ lid then the doll bursts out of the soil lid as any growing plant would do.

It was a great fun as both Frankie and Bella were completely amazed and taken by surprise. Frankie was serious and wanted to water his more to make his doll come out more. Bella, been a little younger and super eager pulled hers out and straight away found the paper sheet. They compared the doll to the sheet and found out who they each had.

They both were excited to see the name of their blume doll and what they were like. Frankie was excited as his was a ‘rare’ which was called Lola. Bella was fascinated and was already saying she wanted more to open. Bella’s doll was called Tate and she was already excited to swap clothes with Frankie’s doll.

After opening the plant pot which was a little difficult for them to Auntie Heley had to help, we found inside little dressing area. In each paper-covered area there was an outfit, shoes and best friend of the Blume doll. I really appreciated that the accessories were hidden behind paper wrapping and not plastic. There was also a sticker sheet inside to decorate the plant pot itself.

There are so many different ways to play with the dolls, each of the dolls’ outfits can be swapped and changed between one another, along with their amazingly stylish hair, shoes, and accessories. There are a variety of coloured pots and ranges of a rarity in the dolls from common, rare, super rare and mystical.

One of the things we enjoyed the most about the Blume Dolls were the endless playing opportunities. With each child getting to open and play there were then 3 different dolls, 3 lots of clothes, shoes, and accessories and not to forget that amazing interchangeable hair! This is a great new way to have endless hours of fun and experience something new.

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