Candylocks Collectable Doll – Straw Mary Review

Matilda is just about to turn 3 and has really progressed in speech, climbing, and personality. Along with her development in all the previous things she has really developed a sense of style and fashion. She loves picking out dressed to wear even when it is raining and brushing my hair. With these traits in mind, we were kindly sent the newly released Candylocks doll to review.

Matilda has a phrase now she uses when she wants to see us…mostly because she thinks we will bring her something AKA presents/surprises. She even takes the phone from her mum to ask us, she is definitely a girl who knows what she wants. This time we did have something for her and no matter how long I tried to hide the box she had seen something pink and was hooked.

The hair dye is a soft cream-like compact that can be brushed into the hair to change the colour. The pot of colour is a chalk substance which will be simple and easy to wash off any surface.

After been tackled for the Candylocks doll, which on seeing the full thing Matilda said “oh wow”. The Candylocks dolls come in a box with a hair accessory in our case it was a strawberry, hair extension in blue and a pot of ‘hair dye’.

The dolls are super cute and have a tonne of hair to play with. The hair is made of super soft material to mimic the look of cotton candy (candy floss for us in the UK). Each doll is themed to a different flavour/scent of food which is super fun as it gives an extra learning experience to the doll.

We got the ever so beautiful Straw Mary the strawberry-scented doll. Fun fact when Matilda was younger she wasn’t allowed strawberries as she came out in a rash. So I thought it was quite sweet she got this one as when she wasn’t allowed strawberries it made her want them more. She was delighted on seeing her properly.

After taking everything out of the box Matilda immediately started to play with her hair, she was flying her around the room and dancing. As she is growing up she has started to play more animated and imaginative. This was one of the first times I have seen her really disappear into the land of neverland to play.

Matilda was very attached to the box too, she kept everything in there and even put Straw Mary in there for bedtime. She was besotted and wanted to show everyone what she had, even though we all knew it was so sweet. I loved the theme around the dolls with the accessories and the accessories. I am excited to get another so she can swap over the outfits and have a friend for Straw Mary.

Overall we were really pleased with the fun factor of the Candylocks dolls. The only downside on a adults perspective was there weren’t any detailed instructions on how to apply to hair colour etc. That would have been a little more helpful than just the box details. Otherwise, Matilda has had endless fun already with plenty more to come with her new friend Straw Mary!

You can buy the Deluxe Candylocks 7-inch doll for £20 RRP or smaller versions for £9.99. There are 20+ to collect with all different scents, styles and accessories that can be swapped and changed between dolls.

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