V-Tech ‘Toot Toot Friends’ Advent Calendar

This year we have noticed an extreme increase in luxury advent calendars. This doesn’t just involve luxury chocolate but toys, beauty and stationary! One of the ones that caught our eye was, of course, the V-Tech Toot Tooth Friends Advent Calendar. Aimed at children between the ages of 1-5 this is a lovely calendar to open and get you into the festive mood. The calendar is available in stores and online for £20 – £25. The calendar has 24 days… View Post

The 2018 Advent Calendar Saga

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Helen and I have been causing a bit of a storm over on Youtube. Spending more than £1,000 of our own hard earned cash on advent calendars. This started when we publicly criticised an influencer for taking advantage of her subscribers by selling them her used PR products and telling multiple lies over the course of multiple videos. Unhappy with the way these subscribers had been treated and determined… View Post

Review: Watermelon Smash Game – This Game Is So Much Fun!

Board games are becoming more and more fun and interactive recently. First with Speak Out, then Pie Face and now… Watermelon Smash!  This game is so much fun, and I know it’s going to be a huge hit with our family and friends over the festive period. We even made an entire Youtube video playing the game so if you’re still unsure, check that out below. How To Play Players first fill the watermelon with water in the designated compartment.… View Post

Review: Squeezamals – Squishy, Squeezey, Squeezamals!

If I know one thing, it’s that there are two things kids love right now; Squishies and Unicorns. Luckily, there’s a brand that has combined the two! These are Squeezamals; There are a whole host of different animals in Squeezamals form, however, we’re Unicorn lovers in The Harrison Household so we were super excited to try this one out! The Unicorn Squeezamal below is an 18-inch edition, although you can get smaller if you prefer! We love the minimalist packaging… View Post

Review: Hamster Race – The Cheese Chasing, Hamster Racing Game!

It’s getting colder, wetter and darker outside, which in The Harrison Household means only one thing… board game season. To kick things off we’re checking out the cheese chasing, hamster racing game – Hamster Race by John Adams. The Hamster Race board game is currently available from major retailers with an RRP of £19.99 and is suitable for ages 4+ (although 2-year-old Matilda didn’t understand the process of the game, she quickly fell in love with the Hamsters) and is… View Post

Review: Power Dough By Canal Toys

I’m always excited when technology meets toys, and the new toy Power Dough by Canal Toys is no different. This super fun modelling set allows you to bring your creations to life with different sounds, motions and lights. We were sent the Power Dough Funny Pets set to review. We have a lot of pets in The Harrison Household so this set seemed particularly fitting. The set comes with; 10 mix n’ match accessories that allow you to create an animated… View Post

BFF – Best Furry Friends Mystery Packs Review

There are so many mystery boxes and mystery bags to choose from when it comes to toys right now it can be hard to decide which ones to collect and which ones to leave behind. Today, we’re checking out the new BFF Mystery Packs to see if they are going to make it onto our ‘collecting’ list! BFFs stands for Best Furry Friends and act as your bestie in a bag! They are super cute and super soft the fabric… View Post

Tiana Pop n Shop Car Playset Reviewed

Being huge fans of Tiana the star of the popular Youtube channel, Toys and Me. Frankie was thrilled to be gifted to review one of Tiana’s new toys the Pop n Shop Car Playset. The set includes the car, Tiana doll and two Pop Bags that include accessories and stickers. You can also buy separately larger Pop bags that we’re looking to review further in the near future. The accessories that came out of the pop bags are cute but very… View Post

So Slime DIY Shaker Review

Slime is the toy of 2018, and what could be more fun than discovering how to make your own? Well, thanks to the So Slime DIY Shaker for as little as £3.99 and in 3 simple steps you can. So Slime has a fantastic range of different slime products, we were sent a trio set of So Slime DIY Shakers to review. Inside each of the So Slime pots you’ll find a silver packet, open that up and you’ll find;… View Post

Detective Dot Book – Missions For The CIA

Detective Dot is set to inspire more kids to find an interest in computer science and STEM. With a new love of reading and computer games (thanks Fortnite!) Frankie was excited to check out the Detective Dot Mega Pack that was sent to him in return for this review. Detective Dot started back in 2015 when founder Sophie Deen began a Kickstarter campaign for funding for the project. In 36 days the campaign exceeded the amount set and managed to… View Post