Celebrating National Kite Flying Day With Kitedrone Twinstar

There are so many different holiday outdoor activities here in the UK we love to do. One of those is kite flying, I remember when I was younger it was something we would do together on holiday. We loved going to Bamburgh in Northumberland for the bank holidays and would go camping. We loved going to the beach for a paddle in the sea and to do a bit of Kite Flying. I was so excited to hear that Kitedrone had a great new kite for us to try out. February 8th marks National Kite Flying Day. We were kindly sent a Kitedrone Twinstar box kite to review…

Who Are Kitedrone?

While we loved flying kites as a family we always needed an adult to hand, the kites we had were for adults. It was hard for us to do it alone and really get the real feel for flying a kite. We realised that if the kite was made for children it wasn’t good quality, usually found in the cheap seaside shops. Or the quality kites were aimed at adults and professionals which wasn’t good for the kids at all. Kitedrone is the leading brand making colourful, family friendly kites for everyone to enjoy.

Kitedrone are a company that specialises in creating family fun for everyone. The kites are kept in their own transportable tube which keeps the kite protected. Each of their kites can reach up to 300 feet in the sky which is amazing. There are 2 style of kites, the traditional box style which is simple to assemble and the Aircraft style kite which has no assembly and has an amazing 5ft wingspan. The designs are Tiki Surfers, Hot Rods, Unicorn and Fort designs which are all colourful, fun and unique.

What We Thought

We originally had to put off flying our kite due to the storm Freya blowing over our bins and causing chaos. When we finally got out we were really excited to get started. The kite was so simple and easy to put together, I was actually quite amazed at how simple it was. For those who find Ikea furniture easy to put together think of the kite like Ikea furniture.

The kite was a fantastic colour and Frankie absolutely loved it. The Kitedrone twinstar comes in a variety of colours and designs which are amazing. There are four designs in total which is great because there is plenty of option for everyone in the family. Definitely a bonus for families who are looking for more than one kite and can please everyone.

The grip of the kite was so easy to hold and control, I have flown some kites before that were hard to handle and the handles were hard. Once we got the kite up and going it was so easy to manipulate in the sky and get a lovely gliding motion. It was a joy to be able to let Frankie have a turn and get the adrenaline rush of holding the kite. Reeling the kite in and out was so simple and easy to do it was a dream.

We really loved the sound of the wind passing through the structure of the kite. With the weather still holding quite a breeze, it was a great day to fly the Kitedrone twinstar and create whistles with the wind. The kites colours looked great even against the sky and loved seeing it proudly in the sky.

We absolutely loved trying out the Kitedrone Twinstar kite and are already getting excited to try it on our next holiday. Frankie was so impressed with the Kitedrone twinstar and is already wanting to save his pocket money to get Matilda a unicorn one. We are all really looking forward to showing this off to our extended family when we have our annual family camping trip to Bamburgh later on this year.

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