Celebrating The Release Of Frozen 2 With Jakks

On the 22nd of November 2019, the second instalment of the incredible Disney film, Frozen is set to be released worldwide. It’s been 6 years since the first Frozen film was released and took the world by storm.

In preparation for the release of the film, Jakks Pacific has released a magnificent range of Frozen 2 toys. A sample of which we were kindly gifted in return for our review and are super excited to be sharing with you today. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and our own.

Disney Frozen 2 Feature Sven

This Disney Frozen 2 Feature Sven stands over 3 feet tall and can be sat on by a child up to 70 lbs (roughly between the ages of 3 and 7).

Not only is the Disney Frozen 2 Feature Sven perfect for imagining you’re galloping through Arendelle. It’s also super interactive. You can interact with Sven by;

Pulling on his reins – Which will trigger sounds of Sven galloping through the forest.

Feeding Sven his carrot – Which will trigger sounds of Sven eating his favourite snack.

Pushing Sven’s head – Which will trigger Sven to say phrases in Kristoff’s hilarious “Sven” voice!

Sven’s features are amazing, although we did slightly damage his nose getting him out of the box.

The sheer size of him is unbelievable, and the facial features make him super realistic to the film.

The luxuriously soft faux fur mane is a brilliant added touch. The interactive features require two AA batteries which are included and pre-installed. Ideal, if you’re wanting to get straight to playing with your new favourite friend.

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa’s Enchanted Feature Vanity Set

If your little ones love to dress up, then they’ll love Elsa’s Enchanted Feature Vanity Set.

Simply open the doors and see Arendelle castle light up the mirror. See exclusive moments from Elsa’s journey from the Frozen 2 movie, with featured songs from both Frozen films.

This Vanity set requires 3x AA batteries, which are not included. These are used to power the mirror which plays the songs and displays the jaw-dropping features on the backlit mirror.

The volume of the mirror’s songs is highly impressive. It plays one song upon opening the mirror and then another by pressing the small white snowflake button in the bottom right-hand corner. Both of which also trigger different images.

What I love about the Vanity set is how easy it is to put together. No tools are required.

Everything simply slots and locks into place, however, this doesn’t affect the quality and condition of the set, as it remains strong and sturdy.

The feature vanity is lightweight making it easy to move from room to room as required and doesn’t need bolting to the wall to avoid injury like some of the larger and heavier vanity sets currently on the market.

The vanity set includes a large desk space with slots for the accessories as well as a draw which is ideal for storing smaller items such as clips (a small selection of which are included)

This vanity set is a great addition to any Frozen fan’s bedroom. It’s functional, fun and designed with kids play in mind. Our favourite feature of the set has to be the mirror that lights up with images from the film and sings. It’s simply perfect.

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Singing Doll

Last, but certainly not least is the Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Singing Doll. Despite this being the lowest price point of the products we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing from Jakks latest range of Frozen 2 products, it’s ours (and Matilda’s favourite!)

Dressed in her purple nightgown, Elsa lights up and sings/speaks as you press the gem on her chest.

The lights of the dress move to the beat of the song and follow her voice as she says one of the 14 phrases she has available.

This doll is from what is set to be one of the most pivotal points in the new Frozen 2 movie, where Elsa sings one of the new songs – Into The Unknown.

Elsa requires three AA batteries, which are included (and pre-installed) into the doll. On the back of the doll by the battery pack are you’ve also got a switch where you can turn the sounds of the doll off should you wish/need to do so.

While Elsa’s legs are unable to move due to the way the dress lights up, her arms are articulated, allowing her to wave, stretch and move.

Her hair comes in a plait, which can be removed should you (or your little one) wish to do so.

Elsa’s shoes can also be easily removed, and put back on for added playability.

No other Elsa doll on the market seems to capture as much of the Frozen 2 film’s magic as this one.

Immediately after finishing filming our unboxing videos Matilda went off to play with her doll, brushing her hair and speaking to her in the mirror on the Frozen 2 Vanity playset.

Even hours later, after tea, bath and just before bed, Elsa was still in hand – albeit with no sound, we couldn’t cope for any longer 😂 even now, days later I’m finding myself singing; “Into The Unknown” – I’ve no doubt it’s going to be the new “Let It Go”.

With so many great toys to choose from, it’s always nice to find the one that goes on to provide endless hours of play.

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