Celebrating The Release of Toy Story 4 With Jumbo Puzzles

It’s no secret that we love all things, Disney. Without a doubt, Pixar’s Toy Story is my favourite movie franchise. I’ve grown up with Buzz, Woody, Jessie and the gang and I couldn’t wait to share their latest adventures with my nieces and nephews.

We hit the cinema on the release date and viewed the film in IMAX at the new Cineworld at the White Rose Shopping Centre.

Since then, we’ve been loving all things Toy Story and was thrilled when Jumbo invited us to check out their incredible range of puzzles to co-inside with the release of the film.

There’s a great range of Toy Story 4 puzzles available from Jumbo for the kids, with different character features, shapes and sizes suitable for all ages and abilities.

Matilda took on the most complex puzzle first, she’s just about to turn three but her fine motor skills are incredible.

She’s been putting together jigsaws of her other favourite Disney characters (Disney Princesses such as Belle and Jasmine as well as her Boyfriends Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc and Monsters University)

As brilliant as she is, the 50 piece movie collection puzzle wasn’t something she could do on her own (I’d be taking her over to Mensa if she could) so aunty Helly and I stepped in and helped when invited to by Matilda – she’s very much an independent woman and likes to do things herself.

One thing we all noticed early on was the way in which the pieces slotted together perfectly with minimal lines, gaps or cracks this poster style jigsaw could easily be framed and displayed.

Before long, and with a further helping hand from big brother Frankie the puzzle was complete. Now, it was time to take on some of the smaller multi-puzzle boxes.

First up was the four-round puzzles. Each puzzle featured a character from the film, Mailtda’s favourite was Bo Peep or as she likes to call her “Peepo”.

Each of the puzzles had 20 pieces and with four puzzles to the pack, there was plenty to keep us all busy. Once again, the quality of the fit between the pieces was incredible. Especially considering the different shapes we were working with here.

Next up the puzzle pack. This is a great puzzle set for those looking to test out a child’s abilities when it comes to puzzles as it includes;

1x 12 pcs puzzle
1x 20 pcs puzzle
1x 30 pcs puzzle
1x 36 pcs puzzle

Frankie’s favourite was the 12 piece puzzle as it included his favourite characters from the film; Ducky and Bunny.

So it’s safe to say if you’re looking to combo your love of the incredible new film Toy Story with some motor skills learning and a whole lot of fun then the Jumbo puzzles are a great choice and totally affordable too with the RRP of these puzzles starting at just £5.99.

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