Ever since I can remember me and my sisters have woken up to a Christmas stocking at the end of our beds. And every year it was full of things that we loved, whether it was a small craft item I would use to little bits of makeup when we got older. As my parents had 3 girls filling stockings as you can imagine could get pricey.

We always had great things in our stockings, I remember one year I got an outfit for my Barbie in my stocking. Traditions that have stuck around in stocking fillers in my parent’s house would go as follows; a pair of Christmas pants, Christmas socks, chocolates or a Terry’s Chocolate orange. These are all things we love getting because who doesn’t love walking around in their new Christmas socks?

Other items we would get would be small cheap toys, those foam planes that you put together. In later years we would get a pack of makeup wipes, nail varnish remover, cotton wool pads and maybe a new item of makeup.

General Stocking Filler Ideas

These are items that you can put in anyone’s stocking from your kids to your parents. These to me are cheap, cheerful and great to add in no matter who receives it.

  • Chocolate – whether this is their favourite brand or just something small from the pound shop.
  • Socks – Lovely little filler for anyone, make them themed to something they love or just to Christmas in general.
  • Underwear – Cheap and cheerful, head to Primark for a cheeky pair of festive pants.
  • Gloves – If anything like me I forever loose my gloves or never have a pair when we need them the most.
  • Hat – Whether this is a baseball cap or a bobble hat for winter it can be a lovely cheap way to fill the stocking with something nice and thoughtful.
  • Re-usable Shopping Bag – My mum got me one of these in my stocking one year when I was a student, little did she know it would become one of the most useful things she had bought me.
  • Mug – Everybody loves a nice new mug, this can cost you as little as you like or as much as you like. You can make it themed to something they like or Christmas themed.
  • Notebook/Diary – Know someone who needs a little help getting organised? This is the perfect time to step in and help. Notebooks can be picked up from Wilko’s or any supermarket for a couple of pounds.
  • Home Made Treats/ Biscuits – I once made my Grandma a box of ginger Biscuits as I knew she liked them. This can be a lovely way of showing your family you care and shave money on the side.
  • Home Made Baubles – These can be decorated plain baubles you have or made from felt. There are so many designs and ideas on Pinterest. You can personalise them to the person with a name or initial.

Stocking Filler Ideas For Women

  • Makeup wipes – I know you can get these any time of the year and are cheap but I seem to always run short around Christmas because I am trying to get everything else ready I forget to buy things I need.
  • Nail Varnish Remover – I suppose if your girlfriend, sister, mum etc gets her nails done at a salon and they are acrylics this won’t matter to them but worth keeping in mind.
  • Cotton Pads – Again this is to accompany the nail varnish remover, though I don’t always paint my nails it does come in handy.
  •  Bobbles and Hair Grips – This is no laughing matter, the number of times one of us sisters have had to borrow these vital items from one another I would lose count if I tried. Even if you have a small stash already don’t hesitate to add them as they are always needed in a time of crisis.
  • Vaseline/ Lip Balm – I recently saw a meme on social media about a woman having several, one in the car, one in her bag and another one at home. It is clearly a vital item that needs to be in a woman’s life.
  • New Makeup Bag – These can cost as much as you like but honestly you can find lovely makeup bags for a couple of pounds.
  • Tealight Holder – Both my sisters love candles so this is a lovely option to find them a new candle holder to put in their stocking.
  • Deodorant / Body Spray – We are forever running out or losing our deodorant and it then takes us forever to buy a new one. It usually happens when I see my mum and she has a spare so we get one that way.
  • Body Wash – Companies like to bring out new scents and sometimes like to test them out over the Christmas period, this can be a lovely way of introducing a new scent to a family member or friend.
  • Nail Polish – Christmas nails on my dads side of the family is a big thing, everyone goes to the salon and gets some festive style. I personally don’t like fake nails as I would never be able to
  • Hair / Face Mask – I am always thankful for a face mask, everybody wants to look their best at Christmas. So why not get a face and/or hair mask to help look their best. These can be picked up for 50p – £1 at supermarkets or the poundshop.
  • Wine/ Prosecco – I know many women who would love to get this in their stocking, my sisters included. You can find little bottles with a couple of chocolates included for £5 in supermarkets and are a lovely addition to put in.

Stocking Filler Ideas For Men

  • Shaving cream – Lame but practical! This an item you can pick up from a pound shop and it be well used… as long as the receiver isn’t trying to grow a beard.
  • Hair Products – Again these can be something that cost a bit for the person at the time, and it is not always an item you want to use your hard earned cash on but would like. This is another item you can find on a deal in your supermarket or at a pound shop.
  • Deodorants – Yet another item you don’t always want to pick up for yourself, especially if you are buying for a student.
  • Body Wash – It is a simple thing to pick up for cheap enough but can make a great filler, especially if the receiver is fussy to buy for.
  • Beer/Wine – Slip in a small bottle of beer, spirit or wine to mix it up. Try tying a bow around the top to add a little decoration.
  • Razor Heads – Though these can be quite expensive, they are always handy to have.

Stocking Filler Ideas For Children

  • Colouring Book – I used to love coloring books as a child and think this is a great and easy way of filling a stocking for little money.
  • Flyers Foam Planes – One year when I was at university, I had no money to get lavish presents so put together a stocking full of goodies for my parents. These were in the pound shop and were a lovely sentimental gift.
  • Colouring pencil – To go with the colouring book you can pick up crayons, colouring pencils and sometimes pens for cheap to fill the stocking.
  • Foam Number and Letters – Matilda is getting older and at the age of 2 she is learning quickly. We found great little foam letters and numbers in Poundland to help her learn.
  • Cars – Frankie is a big lover of cars, you can find toy cars for as little as £1.
  • Small Figures/ Blind Bags – Kids are obsessed with opening blind bags. It is a big thing in the past few years that bling bags are
  • Bath Toys – these can be anything from plastic figures from a film they love or just those ball pit balls.
  • Reading Books – I loved reading as a child so always loved to get a new book. These can be really cheap in charity shops, they are generally in good condition too. You can often get 6 books for £1 which is crazy compared to what you can find in high street shops.

Stocking Filler Ideas For Babies

  • Bibs – Small, cheap and handy.
  • Hats – These can be found for really cheap and always come in useful
  • Socks – Any mum in the world would tell you that socks are forever falling off and lost. Socks are those mystical objects you know you have but can never find.
  • Wipes – Both sisters have had children, wipes were stationed at every point in the house, car and bag possible.
  • Baby Bath Soaps – These can be something that is particular to the mum and baby or not. They are useful and cheap to find gifts.
  • Tights – Who doesn’t love seeing a baby in a pair of festive tights? Matilda still wears them at 2 and she looks so cute!
  • Vest and Baby grows – We all know that these items are used and abused so having a couple of fresh ones around this time of year can really help out a busy parent.
  • Bath Toys – These are super simple to buy and easy to find for cheap, most children love getting a bath so its always fun to make it more fun for them.
  • Teddy Bears – Cute small soft toys that you can clip onto the pram or hold in one hand are lovely as they can be taken everywhere.
  • Wooden Books – No harm in learning early, these are great for younger ages to help with colours, shapes and motor functions.

Stocking Filler Ideas For Pets

  • Dreamies or Aldi’s version – Both can be found for cheap in Poundland or Aldi. You can find festive flavours which is great. We recently found turkey dinner flavour.
  • Webbox Sticks – Mittens, Teddy and Katy all love these, they come in a variety of flavours.
  • Dog Bone Stocking – You can find packs that have a couple of bones in supermarkets and Poundland that have a few different chews and treats for dogs.
  • Pawseco – We found this last year in TK Maxx and got a bottle for the cats. It was so fun and nice as it was different from their usual treats.
  • New Dish/Bowl – we have so many dishes for the cats but we use them all frequently so it could be nice to bring in the new year with a new bowl.
  • TK Maxx – I know it isn’t an idea but TK Maxx often have great new toys and treats you don’t see on the high street or supermarkets. They aren’t always that pricey and can be great place to go for ideas in general.
  • Toys – Both of my sisters and my parents have dogs and they often get them a toy to play with over Christmas, especially as the house can get busy with family visiting. It is nice to give them something of their own while it’s busy.

These are all just ideas and these are quite general, you can fill stockings up with loads of stuff the person loves or things they have wanted to try. Also if you are having a more low key Christmas in terms of money this can be a great overall gift. I often use Cora’s stocking to put her gifts in as a gift bag (if they are small enough). You can use the stocking as a luxury gift bag for all these small items and you can use it every year. I hope you have found this useful and like my ideas for stocking fillers.

Have a Wonderful Christmas.

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