Chicco Oh la la Stroller Review

Honestly I can tell I’m not yet a mum, I don’t get excited about a brand new stroller or look for a new one for fun. My sister Laura on the other hand often stroller shops, she oggles at other peoples strollers and gets jealous. In a matter of weeks we were due to fly to Fuerteventura with both kids in tow, Matilda still needed a mode of transport for naps and long walks. This was making Laura feel a little anxious as her current stroller was bulky, heavy and not practical for travel. This is when Chicco got in touch asking if we would like to review their Oh la la Lightweight stroller…Of course we said yes! And this is how we got on…

Chicco Oh La La stroller Features

  • Weighs – 3.8kg
  • Comes with combined handles for easy movement with one hand.
  • Closes quickly and easy to open up
  • Suitable from birth
  • Cape Rain cover included
  • Soft fabric for maximum comfort.
  • Cover is removable and washable
  • stands up when folded
  • Easy to store
  • Cost – £99.99 (Amazon currently £89.99 or Argos for £99.99 )
This is me on holiday carrying Kevin up the stairs one handed.

The biggest attraction to the Chicco Ohlala stroller was the lightweight body and materials. The previous stroller was much heavier and bulkier, it also took 4 times longer to put up and take down than the Oh La La stroller. It was a great stroller to have while Matilda was younger as she enjoyed the comfort and it grew with her. Unfortunately when it came to going out for the day the pram was too large for the boot, along with Frankie wanting to take his bike everywhere. The biggest issue was when they were planning a weeks holiday and we needed to upgrade.

This was Laura’s previous stroller the Mamas and Papas Sola. 

Laura looked around for a new lightweight and compact stroller, she found the GB Pocket Stroller. It was a perfect fit as it had everything she needed and it was extremely compact.  While this was a good fit it was also very pricey and out of our budget coming it at an RRP of £149.99. While this isn’t breaking the bank it was something that we didn’t budget for. We looked into alternative lightweight compact strollers and found Chicco Oh La La stroller.

What We Thought of the Chicco Ohlala Stroller

Matilda’s first impression was a tantrum which didn’t bode well than we quickly realised that she wasn’t a fan of the bar across the front. Once we took that away she was pleased to be in the stroller. She seemed to enjoy the strollers up right design so she could see everything that was happening. We also noticed she was a big fan of the side bars or as I would call them armrests. She put in her Sully teddy first to test it out before trying it out herself.

Laura was most impressed that she could have Matilda in one arm and put the stroller up with the other. It was just as easy as holding a button and a flick and it was up and ready to go. We were both very impressed with the easy installation of the stroller, it was so simple to put the wheels on and go. The whole process of putting up the stroller and taking it down was so stress free and easy I couldn’t imagine using any other one.

I think our only fault with the Ohlala stroller is the wheels, they are made of a lightweight plastic and don’t quite glide over small bumps as some others do. Matilda felt the bump going over a small curb but didn’t seem to mind. Unfortunately we did notice that the stroller struggles when trying to turn and on corners. The stroller alone has not issues when turning but as soon as you add the weight of a child in it seems to struggle. I think this is due to the frame being lightweight it then can’t quite handle too much weight. This was our only issue with the Chicco Oh la la stroller.


The appearance of the stroller is quite clean, crisp and simple. There aren’t any fancy mod cons and upgrades to the model that you might find with other strollers. But honestly that is what I like the most about it, before I handed it over to my sister Laura, I took it out of the box and put it together to see for myself how simple it was. I have never fully put up a pram on my own before so for me to find this process simple had to say something.

There are two colours to choose from on this model one is a light grey to white and the other is all black. I like the simplicity and minimalist feel to the stroller without having to sacrifice the key elements you need everyday. The cover is also removable and washable for any spills or crumbs so you can always keep it looking fresh and clean.


The practicality of the Chicco Oh la la stroller is the main focus for us, as it was going to be used for holidays and day trips out. While Laura drives she still wanted to have enough space in her boot to fit in both a stroller for Matilda and a bike for Frankie. We also tested it out in a busy eating area, instead of having to leave it parked up somewhere else in the restaurant it was easily folded away and parked at the side of our table. I really feel the Chicco Oh La La stroller is fantastic for anyone who uses public transport, does plenty of activities with multiple children or even mums that need a little space in their car.

The chicco oh la la stroller is light and easy to carry making life a whole lot easier. I can’t imagine anything more difficult than having to carry your baby in one hand and a heavy stroller in the other and that is before you add in any other children.

Comparison To Two Other Leading Brand Compact Lightweight Strollers


Overall both myself and Laura have been delighted with the Chicco Oh la la stroller also known as Kevin. I do think that for younger years and new borns I would personally use something with a more supportive frame. I think that the Chicco Oh La La stroller is great for older infants and toddler years as it is lightweight, easy to put up and down and fits the needs of that age range. Compared to other lightweight strollers on the market I feel like the Chicco Oh la la stroller is a great option for your money.

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