Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Kids & Adults

I’m pretty sure Christmas wasn’t always this complex… These days it’s all about elf on the shelf, expensive advent calendars, and Christmas Eve boxes… That’s before we even make it to Christmas day itself.

Christmas eve boxes seem to have come out of nowhere (honestly, I’m blaming the retailers… as if we don’t buy enough) however, like many things around Christmas time it’s something I (along with many others) have fallen for.

Now, I can’t get enough of it. Much like the return of the Elf, designing a Christmas Eve box is something I look forward to. Which is exactly why I was so excited to put this little article together for you sharing my very best Christmas Eve box ideas…

The Box

I mentioned earlier that it’s retailers fault that Christmas Eve boxes (along with other ever increasing in cost Christmas related traditions) have become ‘a thing’. Because of this, you’ll find a pre-designed Christmas Eve box in most major stores.

The one below is from Asda and is available for £2.50

If you’re looking for one with a little added touch then consider spending a little more on a personalised Christmas Eve box that you can reuse year after year. Not On The High Street have a great range of personalised Christmas Eve boxes for all ages and budgets.

Then again, if you’re of the crafty type consider making your own. The likes of Hobbycraft have ready-made boxes in various materials and of various different sizes that you’re able to decorate as you see fit!

The Contents

Once the box has been decided, it’s all about the contents. One of the most common questions I see on the likes of Facebook & Twitter this time of year is ‘What do I put in one of these boxes?’. I’d usually suggest heading to Pinterest, but honestly, they put mine to shame and provide ideas that I could only dream of putting into action.

So, here’s what I suggest, and the majority of these ideas work well for kids, teens and even adults.

A Christmas Film. It could be a brand new DVD or a little token to watch a movie that you’ve got on Sky or even pre-existing within your movie collection at home.

Pyjamas. These are likely to be the most expensive item in any Christmas Eve box so it’s totally up to you as to whether or not you’d like to include them. The likes of Primark, Asda and Tesco are all great for Pyjamas at this time of year!

Hot chocolate. You can get the one-cup instant hot chocolate packets for as little as £0.25 and in different flavours too. Consider adding a bag of marshmallows too!

A letter from Santa, or the Elf… This can be a great time to introduce your letter from Santa. This is if you’ve not already used it as bribery earlier in the month.

A book. This could be Christmas themed, or not… It’s totally up to you. Either way, it can be great to read a story to calm the nerves before the big day.

Chocolate. Proceed with caution on this one. We all get given too much goodness that is Chocolate on the big day, and as you’re likely to be opening the Christmas Eve box on an Evening you’re not going to want to put in a full selection box (at least I don’t think so anyway…)

Candle. This is a great one for the teens/adults. Christmas / Winter themed candles are available everywhere at this time of year. You can buy a small one of even a ‘designer’ brand like Yankee Candle for as little as £0.50

Christmas mug. If you’re purchasing a hot chocolate package then consider enhancing it a little with a new Christmas themed mug. Again, the likes of Tesco, Asda and Primark all have a fantastic range suitable for all tastes and budgets.

Snuggly Socks / Slippers. A last-minute addition by Helen on the proof-read. She’s a sucker when it comes to this kind of stuff. Are socks/slippers, although she really pushed the adjective of ‘Snuggly’ just so you know…


Christmas may be a time for giving, but it’s also a great time to spend together. If it all gets too much then don’t be afraid of skipping the Christmas Eve box, or even cutting back and doing a family Christmas Eve box with the likes of a selection box, board game and new PJ’s.

Whatever you decide I hope this article has helped. Have a fantastic Christmas, and last of all, be sure to let us know what you think of our Christmas Eve box ideas (and any of your own that we might have missed) in the comments below…

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