Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults

Are you looking for Christmas Eve box ideas for adults? Afterall, kids don’t have to have all the fun. Then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of Christmas Eve box ideas for adults ensuring there’s something for everyone regardless of age or interests.

The Christmas Eve Box / Container

There’s a whole host of different boxes you can get to contain your Christmas Eve box goodies.

You can buy a traditional wooden one which is more expensive, but much sturdier and made to last.

You can buy personalised ones, again personalisation does cost extra but it does make the whole experience much more special.

Alternatively, most grocery stores and retail shops sell discounted cardboard boxes which are decorated and available for less than $4 / £3. The sad thing about these is they do damage easily and might be difficult to store.

Finally, you could opt to make your own Christmas eve box. We think these small crates from Ikea make for the perfect little container.

Alternatively, the Hobbycraft blog has lots of great DIY Christmas Box ideas to check out.

Christmas Eve Box Contents For Adults

Once you’ve decided on your box or container, it’s time to decide on the contents of your Christmas Eve box.

Being that this is a Christmas Eve box for adults, I feel that there’s more variety in what can be included.

Let us know in the comments if you think of any good Christmas Eve box contents we’ve missed!

A Film

There’s a couple of ways you could add a film to your Christmas Eve box for adults.

You could either add a DVD, this could be a new one from the grocery store or a second-hand one you’ve picked up at a carboot sale or charity shop.

A voucher to watch a film together (if you’re a couple) that you’ve seen on Netflix that you think the other person might like.

A cinema ticket, so that the person receiving the Christmas Eve box can watch a film at a later date.

Finally, you could pick up a gift card or a voucher to download a film from one of the online platforms.


Certainly, one of the most expensive items to add to a Christmas Eve box for adults is pyjamas. However, I feel that these are a super practical gift so can be worth it!

Fresh pyjamas are incredible (am I right? or am I right?) and are perfect for lounging around the house in on Christmas morning.

A Pre-Mixed Alcoholic Drink

A pre-mixed alcoholic drink is a great little addition to a Christmas Eve box for adults. These are often a low alcoholic percentage and very affordable.

Being Christmas we often go for a festive drink such as a Baileys, you can buy them in most grocery stores or discount stores singly for less than £2 / $3.

Hot Chocolate

You can get single hot chocolate packets for as little as £0.25 / $0.50 in grocery stores making them a very affordable treat to add to an adult’s Christmas Eve box.

Consider buying a different flavour or a range of flavours if you’re looking to ‘bulk out’ the contents of your Christmas Eve box. Some of our favourites include; peppermint, white chocolate and salted caramel.

A Book

There’s a whole host of new books released at Christmas time, giving you more choice than ever when it comes to picking up a great book for your adult-themed Christmas eve box.

If you’re looking to save money, consider buying a second-hand book. You can do this online from Amazon and eBay or in-person from a thrift store or second-hand book store.

Body Wash & Soap

Another cute and often affordable extra item to add into your Christmas Eve box is a body wash. Often these can be purchased in different sizes, you can opt to buy a miniature one or even a full bottle.

Again you can go for different brands and scents, Christmas themed body wash is often available in the majority of mainstream stores over the festive period and if you’re crafty you could even opt to make your own.


There’s once again budget options with this one such as picking up a small festive bar of chocolate or a chocolate orange for £1 – £2.

We’ve even been known to open selection boxes and remove the chocolates as it’s often cheaper than buying single chocolates when they are on offer.

Ore there’s the expensive option, buying a luxury chocolate item as a treat such as Godiva for example that will cost a little more at £5+

A Candle

Christmas candles are soooo dreamy.

There’s nothing better than watching a great film, drinking a hot chocolate and having a crackling great smelling candle on while it snows (or more likely, rains) outside.

Again, you can buy both affordable candles and slightly more expensive candles depending on your budget.

Bath Bombs

Christmas Mug

If you’re purchasing a hot chocolate package then consider enhancing it a little with a new Christmas themed mug. Again, the likes of Tesco, Asda and Primark all have a fantastic range suitable for all tastes and budgets.

Miniature Alcoholic Drinks

Snuggly Socks / Slippers

A last-minute addition by Helen on the proof-read. She’s a sucker when it comes to this kind of stuff. Are socks/slippers, although she really pushed the adjective of ‘Snuggly’ just so you know…

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