Review: White Rose Cinema In Leeds – Is It Better Than Other Local Cinemas?

When I first heard about The White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds getting a cinema I was pessimistic, to say the least. In recent years Showcase Cinemas just one junction away on the M62 has undergone an amazing transformation. While the launch of Trinity Leeds in Leeds city centre saw the introduction of a bespoke cinema; Everyman.

Considering the whole cinema thing is supposed to be a dying trade… I knew that Cineworld at White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds had to pull it out of the bag if it was to stand out of the crowd as the place to see any movie.

With the release of the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi we decided to put it to the test, here’s our experience.


First things first, free parking. It’s a huge advantage when compared to the likes of the city centre of Leeds. In this case, we visited with less than a week to Christmas and because the White Rose itself is a shopping centre getting parked was a little trickier than usual – even at 7.00pm.


As we pulled into the nearest car park to the cinema we noticed a light show going around the outside of the cinema building. This was the first time I’d seen anything like this from a cinema and I was really, really impressed!

The entire outside of the building was clean, well signposted and decorated. We’re off to a good start…


Upon entering the cinema you’re immediately greeted with a number of screens. You are able to use these screens and the small POS stands to decide on the film you’d like to see as well as purchase or collect tickets.

In our case, it was a collection as we’d already pre-booked our tickets online. The entire process was super fast and super simple. We had the tickets in our hands within seconds.


Further down from the entrance and the tickets area you’ll find the foyer. Here you can get all your traditional sweets, snacks and drinks. Alongside this, there’s a Baskin Robbins and if you’re looking for a coffee to stay awake throughout the film then you’ll find this at the Starbucks immediately on your left upon entering.

Inside The Screen

We were at screen five to see the showing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The screen wasn’t the largest I’d been in by any means. The seats were rather large and had more leg room than you’ll find in your older Cinemas. They did have a slight manual recline to them if you moved in the seat right. However, it’s nothing compared to the electronic reclining seats in the Showcase.

The screen and sound were all very, very impressive and this wasn’t even an IMAX screen. This is how a film on the big screen should be seen for sure…


Outside the screens, you’ll find the lounge. Here you’ll find plenty of sofas perfect for hanging out and waiting for family and friends to arrive before heading into the screening together.

Gift Cards

Okay, this might not fit with the rest of the review. However, I simply had to mention it. Remember how I said it was Christmas time when we went to the Cineworld at White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds? Well they had out the gift cards. Encouraging you to purchase a gift card for the cinema as a gift for others.

Well I absolutely loved the take on popular movie references on the front… Nicely done!


The new Cineworld at White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds is great! After previously being pessimistic, I found myself impressed with the attention to detail and the streamlined services. I’d not hesitate to visit here in future to catch the latest blockbusters.

Have you been to the new Cineworld at White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.



It’s one hell of an improvement when compared to the Cineworld in Wakefield. However, it’s not quite the Showcase Cinema that’s 2 miles down the M62. Put in those reclining seats and we can talk…

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