Competitions; What We Want To Win In 2018

Earlier this week I spoke a little about what we wanted to achieve this year. The list included different personal lifestyle, blogging and health goals. I tried to make all the goals SMART;






I struggled to apply ‘SMART’ to one particular action. Entering competitions. Instead, we’ve sat down as a family and discussed what we’d really like to win this year from competitions.

Entering competitions at The Harrison Household is nothing new. Inspired by Di Coke from SuperLucky we’ve won everything from meals at restaurants to gift cards, to a family vacation to Universal Orlando in Florida.

Di encourages those who enjoy entering competitions to make a list of the prizes they would like to win to bring focus to their competition time. With thousands of new competitions going live each week, not having an idea of what you might want to win can quickly become overwhelming.

So, here’s a complete list of what we want to win in 2018;

Nintendo Switch

First on the list has to be the latest Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch. This has to be the biggest console to really catch my eye since the launch of the Nintendo Wii. It’s suitable for the whole family, lots of fun and has some great titles with some even better characters.

Apple Watch

I’ve personally wanted an Apple Watch for some time now, but can’t justify purchasing one for myself. It seems like such a novelty. However, I’m also looking to track my steps more carefully in 2018, maybe this is something that could better help me achieve this?


Like most people, I thought anyone wearing these looked an absolute **** when they first came out. However, after a couple of months in America seeing pretty much everyone and their dog wearing a pair I figured they would be rather useful for when we travel.

Cluedo Board Game

I played the Harry Potter edition of Cluedo at an event hosted by Paladone recently. It was the first time I’d ever played the board game Cluedo and despite performing VERY badly. It’s a game that I really enjoyed playing. I’d love to win pretty much any edition of Cluedo (although given how bad I am maybe the junior version would be best…)

Disney Stuff

We are HUGE Disney fans at The Harrison Household, so it’s safe to say we’re happy winning pretty much anything Disney related.


This is a HUGE prize. However, there’s usually plenty of chances to win one throughout the year. Helen and I don’t have a car at the moment. Instead, we’re insured on Nialls and my mums (Joys) While that is great, as it means we don’t have any more than 3 parked outside the house, or have to cover the cost of additional tax, insurance, MOT etc. It’s something we are going to need to purchase in the next 18 months. So we might as well try and win one while we have the chance…

Cat Stuff

With three cats in The Harrison Household, any form of cat products never seems to go amiss…

Centre Parcs

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Centre Parcs. I’ve heard amazing things from fellow bloggers & friends. However, for one reason or another, it’s always been dismissed. Hopefully this year we can change all that and win a trip to one of their woodland lodges…

Scotland: Edinburgh or Glasgow

Again this is somewhere Helen and I have both wanted to visit together for a couple of years now. However, it’s often been traded in with a similarly priced holiday abroad. Winning a competition to either Edinburgh or Glasgow is sure to change that though!

Theme Park Tickets

I love a bit of adrenaline. So theme park tickets, as well as an overnight stay in the theme park hotel would be a pretty great prize if you ask me!

Trip to Florida

I’ve won one before, and I’d love to win one again. Florida is always at the top of our list when it comes to holiday destinations. As many of you know it’s not a cheap place to visit, but it is a magical one. So the ability to win a trip makes a huge difference!

Trip to Disneyland Paris

It’s been 10 years since I last visited Disneyland Paris, in fact, it was my first ever trip to a Disneyland park. This year they celebrate their 25th anniversary. While I know it’s nothing compared to the excitement of Florida it’s still somewhere I’d love to visit just to top up on that Disney magic!


We’re in desperate need of some new bedding here at The Harrison Household. It’s not too much of a lavish prize so fingers crossed this is something we can manage to win!


Having seen Thrifty Mum’s post on her new Hunter wellies, I’m desperate to win a pair (or two!). I’ve been desperate for a good, solid pair of wellies for a while now and this brand certainly sounds like it will do the job.


Now we’re getting into the tech department. I’m a huge tech/gadget fan and the thought of being able to ask our Amazon Alexa to start cleaning the house just fascinates me!

Smarter iKettle

Much like the Rumba, imagine asking your Amazon Alexa to turn the kettle off instead of everyone else in the house (I’m talking to you dad…). Well, the Smarter iKettle can do just that, and so I’m desperate to win one and gift it for either my dad’s birthday, Christmas or even fathers day.

DSLR Camera

Helen want’s to really focus on her photography this year. While we do have a rather modern camera in the Canon G7X Mark II it’s focus is more on vlogging than it is photography. For that reason, we’d like to try and win a DSLR Camera.

Go Ape Tickets

This isn’t the first time Go Ape Tickets have made it onto my ‘wanted’ list. Since first seeing the sights of Go Ape on Facebook a couple of years ago it’s a place that many of The Harrison Household have wanted to visit. There’s usually plenty of competitions and chances to win tickets throughout the year so fingers crossed, this time we’ll be a winner!

That’s the main bundle of specific prizes were looking to win in 2018. Of course, we’ll be keeping our eye out for other holiday prizes, vouchers and cash prizes too. We’ll be back at the end of the year to talk more about how we got on… In the meantime, if you’ve anything you want to win in 2018, feel free to share your list in the comments below.

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