Creating A Back To College Kit For My Sister

My sister Laura is going back to college so then she can go on to University to become a midwife. Laura needs a little encouragement when it comes to making things happen. We are going away at the start of September for a month, the same time Laura starts college. I decided to put together a starter college kit with some inspirational quotes to help her while we were gone. This is what I put together…

Pencil Case

The pencil case was 49p from Wilko’s, luckily I found it in the going back to school section and got a good price. It was simple clear plastic with a pink zip because she likes pink.


I found a cheap pack of pencils at Wilko’s, I included these so that when it came to maths and she needs to do any diagrams or workings out she can do. I managed to get a pack of 4 for around 50p.


I found so many nice pens for her, my favourite was a black inc pen from Poundland. It had a separate button on the side and when presses the inspirational quotes on the edge changed. I knew she would have some days where she felt useless or didn’t want to be there so thought the pen would be a great help. I also found a couple of others as backups in case that one didn’t work.


The notebook was a good find, it was actually included in a goodie bag from a travel conference we attended earlier this year. It was from the Irish tourism board and had a lovely bag that included the notebook. It was decorated in Irish Dancers print in green and pinks.

Inspirational And Motivational Quotes

Here are some of the quotes I wrote up on Canva. I put together 12 quotes on a simple background and cut them out to put in her notebook. This way I can be encouraging even while I am away. Here are some of the quotes I put together.

I cut up the quotes and put them at different intervals in her notebook so she would naturally come across them… hopefully when she needed them the most.

Extra Goodies

We found a few other little items to put in the basket to fill it out and just couldn’t resist. We had some frozen stickers for fun… though Matilda instantly took a liking to those and so she enjoyed them. Another item we found was in Poundland, it was a sign in yellow with a quote on that would go up in her house. The last things we found were on sale in Country Baskets and were two small metal signs that we knew she would love.

I then┬áput everything into a basket with pink tissue paper and a card. She cried at the goodies and was really excited to look at everything. We did, however, have to give the kids something so they would leave mummy’s special pencil case alone. Overall it was a cheap and easy way to make someone’s day. I was impressed with how well it came out and was so pleased I could do something thoughtful for her new journey.

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