Creating Homemade STEM Toys This Christmas

As the ‘digital age’ continues to progress I can’t highlight enough the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

If like me you’re a 90’s kid then you’ll probably remember Konnie Huq from Blue Peter. She’s one of the longest-running presenters of the show and has since gone on to have two kids of her own. Konnie has recently partnered with the Institution of Engineering and Technology with the aim of inspiring more children to consider careers in engineering.

Konnie has created some fantastic tutorials on how to create homemade STEM toys this Christmas. Allowing you to create cut-price versions of some classic toys.

Bouncy Ball

While there are many STEM toy tutorials we decided to tackle the bouncy ball. This simple tutorial only requires two materials; some balloons and a small amount of water. We followed the Youtube video below;

Despite my better judgement, the whole process was mess-free and took around 15 minutes to complete. We started by getting together some balloons. Konnie recommends 15 to 30 depending on how bouncy you want your ball to be. Because we were unsure whether we’d get it right first time we bought 75 (okay, perhaps this was a slight overkill but still…)

We started by filling one balloon with water until it fit into the palm of our hand. We then tied the balloon and cut off the remaining part of the end of the balloon. Being sure not to cut too close to the knot allowing it to come undone.

Then cut off the ends of the balloons… We did this for one packet of 25 (well… 24 as we’d already used 1 for the water-filled balloon)

Wrap the balloon around the water-filled balloon, repeating the process until you have no ballons left. At this point, we tested our bouncy ball and we were all very impressed. However, we weren’t 100% confident. So, we added another 10 layers of balloons.

We were super happy with the end result. Here’s a slow-mo shot of us testing it out for ourselves.

We had so much fun creating our own STEM toys. We encourage you to try it out over the Christmas period too. Let us know how you get on in the comments below…

Other STEM Toys Tutorials

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