Cutting The Lawn With Casmo Flymo Lawnmower Toy

Today we’re looking at the incredible toy replica of the Flymo lawnmower. Since summer started a couple of weeks ago we’ve been making progress on the chaos that is our garden, and my parents have been completely overhauling there’s after 19 years of the same design.

Our garden at the moment isn’t suitable for Matilda to play in. However, she’s very excited to help us cut the lawn with her new Flymo lawnmower once it’s complete.

So it’s safe to say my niece Matilda, who celebrates her third birthday next week as seen a lot of gardening recently. Of course, like most kids her age, she wants to get involved herself. However, the vast majority of what we’ve been doing has been dangerous and meant that the garden has been unsafe for her to play in.

Matilda playing in my parents garden last summer

Luckily, we’ve managed to complete the majority of my parents gardening works (we still have a long way to go in our house) this weekend, just in time for Matilda’s third birthday party and the incredible Flymo lawnmower toy to arrive.

The lawnmower is an exact replica of the traditional Flymo lawnmower (albeit a child’s version without the working mechanics and in a slightly smaller size). There’s minimal packaging on this Casdon toy and all the materials can be easily recycled which is great!

The Casdon Flymo lawnmower comes in three parts which makes assembly incredibly easy. So easy in fact, no tools are required.

Aunty Cora was able to put together the Casdon Flymo lawnmower in under 60 seconds. Which was great, there’s nothing worse than your kid being excited to play with a toy only for you to have to spend 20 minutes frustratingly assembling it.

After that, Matilda was off to cut the lawn!

There are no batteries required for this lawnmower. Instead, the toy makes noises based on the movement of the wheels along the floor.

Again, this is great as there’s no unnecessary over the top noises and no chance of the battery compartment becoming rusty when the lawnmower is stored outside in the garden or the wendy house.

The Casdon Flymo lawnmower is incredibly lightweight making it easy for Matilda to manoeuvre around the garden. Across, stones, flags and decking – because according to her these need to be cut too 😂

In conclusion, we love the Casdon Flymo lawnmower. It’s widely available in toy shops or online and is great value for money. It’s really well made, super practical and honestly, just an all-round great outdoor toy for young children.

We have been gifted this Flymo Lawn Mower toy in return for an honest review.

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