Dealing With Blue Monday – The Most Miserable Day Of The Year

The third Monday of January is commonly known as Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. A day in which are all feeling our most sorrowful and gloomy in accordance to Psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall.

To be honest I find the vast majority of January to be rather blue.

The flickering lights of Christmas have disappeared.

We’re all trying to stick to New Year’s resolutions that the majority of us hate.

The nights are dark.

The mornings are dark.

We’re broke.

Need I go on?

Anyway, for that very reason, I’ve put together a list of quick pick me ups. These will hopefully turn Blue Monday into the feeling of a Sunny Saturday (see what I did there?)

Schedule Something To Look Forward To

Did you know that 450,000 people book their family holiday during the first week of January?

There’s some science behind it too. We often find ourselves planning our year at the start, full of hope for the 365 days ahead of us. Having something to look forward to is a great way to keep your spirits up.

It doesn’t always have to be as big as a holiday and instead could be something as simple as a trip to the cinema or a meal with friends.

Work On Something You Love So Much You Lose Track Of Time…

We’ve all been there… “Is it really that time?” Concentrating and so in love with what we’re doing we completely block out any external distractions and completely lose track of time. Psychologists use the term “flow” to explain this experience.

They’ve found that “flow” has a profound effect on our happiness. So find what makes you “flow” and get doing it. Some ideas; cooking, knitting, writing, jigsaws, video games… The list is honestly endless.

Listen to Music

There’s some more science here for you folks…

Listening to happy music… It makes you… Happy!!

So, turn on Spotify, the radio, whatever? and get listening to some upbeat tunes!


Urgh! Right?

I mean the thought of exercising makes me (and I’m sure most other people) just – urgh!

However, if like me you’ve ever been to the gym. Finished a session and come out feeling like you could conquer the world (mentally at least, physically I’m dying) then you’ll know exactly why exercising is on the list.

I’m not specifying how you exercise or where you exercise, just get that body moving!


Put your mental thoughts down on paper can really help you process your situation better. So, if you’re having a bad time of things, write down why you think that might be. Begin brainstorming what you can do about it.

Write your thoughts, feelings or in fact anything that comes to mind.


So, that’s my guide on concurring Blue Monday and banishing those winter blues. As always I’d love to know what you think. How do you cope with feeling oh so very – meh? Let me know in the comments below.

Mental health is very important and should you find that you’re struggling more than usual or for extended periods of time then please seek professional medical help.

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