Detective Dot Book – Missions For The CIA

We were sent this amazing Detective Dot Book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Detective Dot is set to inspire more kids to find an interest in computer science and STEM. With a new love of reading and computer games (thanks Fortnite!) Frankie was excited to check out the Detective Dot Mega Pack that was sent to him in return for this review.

Detective Dot started back in 2015 when founder Sophie Deen began a Kickstarter campaign for funding for the project. In 36 days the campaign exceeded the amount set and managed to raise more than £14,000.

Since then Detective Dot has gone onto be recognised as the Top Coding Toy For Kids by The Independent in 2017 and the Evening Standard in 2018. While also achieving the EDF Stem Pulse Award.

If all that wasn’t enough the book is now available in more than 30 countries and has a backing from the Cabinet Office. Detective Dot is set to launch into 22,000 schools with EDF later this year while also being picked up by Turner (the owners of Cartoon Network) which means you’re very likely to see Detective Dot cartoons and video games very soon!

The story of Detective Dot is based around a nine-year-old tech wiz, Dot. She’s the founder of the CIA – a group of child geniuses who aim to put to right global mysteries, wrongs and even mean teachers!

Of course, nobody expects children to be able to take down some of the most sophisticated criminal networks in the world, but that’s exactly how they’ve managed to achieve this!

For Dot, no case is too complex, no investigation is too hazardous and no code is too hard to crack!

When looking at getting your kids into Detective Dot we recommend purchasing the Mega Pack which comprises of:

– The Detective Dot Book
– a CIA Membership Card
– 7 fun missions to complete
– a personal letter from the CIA
– the CIA Sticker Sheet and Lifelong CIA Membership (for a limited period, the first 500 applicants will have the honour of becoming founder members of the CIA).

Frankie refused to put down his CIA Membership Card and flashed it to anyone who came close. We’ve been reading the Detective Dot book on an evening and it’s been a real hit – the other night he even asked to go to bed EARLY! so we could spend more time reading.

We’d love to know if you’ve heard of Detective Dot? and what you think of the idea of books based around computer science and STEM. Let us know in the comments below!

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