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I’m not going to lie, I’m a little scared about the quality of some products Disney seems to be allowing it’s licence to go on these days. However, the quality of the Tsum Tsum Collectable range is something we don’t have to worry about. These things are great quality, simple, small and well-priced.

If you know anything about me and Cora, you probably know we love Disney. We have been to Disney World Florida twice and planning a third trip as I write this. So it is no surprise that we love the Disney Tsum Tsum range.

There is a wide range of different series, collectable packs and playsets to get. It is hard not to get carried away especially when you see it all in front of you. We picked up a few of the sets to show you and to add to our collection.

Squishy Figure 2  and 4 Pack

The squishy’s series comes in both a 2 pack and 4 pack and are brought to you by Zuru. Great for the slow collector or the more daring inside of us. We have noticed that the packs generally have a set 3 figures in each pack and sometimes the surprise Disney tsum tsum figure can be the same as you have had or a rare. It isn’t always a guarantee like anything that it will be different.

So when you are shopping try to get packs with different figures in as your more likely to get a different surprise figure.

The packets are fun colourful and so cute! There is minimal packaging and you can rip off the cardboard backing and reveal the secret inside. The squishy Disney tsum tsums are now on their 4th series and are highly popular. Though there are 50+ to collect you can tick quite a few off your list quickly. The hardest thing is finding the rares as they are much harder to find than you originally think.

What I really like about the squishy series is that they are small, fun and very very cute. The design is great, simple but incorporates that great Disney magic we all love. I feel like even though 50 seems a big number, we didn’t struggle to tick off quite a few when we first started. I don’t believe it to be a terrible number compared to some of the other collectables on the market right now.

Disney Tsum Tsum Basic Display Set

The basic display sets are completely different to the squishy series. They are still the same product but made and developed by Jakks instead of Zuru. These sets are part of the stackable range from Disney Tsum Tsums, these are just as cute as the Squishy’s and just as fun to collect.

We started to collect these as we picked up both the fun at the fair display set with Lady and fun at the fair with Joy. There is also a large Fun at the fair deluxe display set with a big Dumbo inside. Each of the sets come with their main figure and 1 small secret figure. We picked up one of each of these sets a few months ago and started our stackable tsum tsum collection.

These sets are great to help you, your kids or the dog play and display, it is lots of fun and each set fits together to make it bigger and better. So you don’t have to worry about buying more storage or another large box. You can simply create new ways to stack your Disney tsum tsums to make the most of your sets and space.

The figures themselves again are great quality and so very cute, I love that they stack together to create families and little towers. Jakks also bring out a Christmas Advent Calender that I was very lucky to get from Cora this year. The figures are also sold in packs of 3 figures, 9 figures and blind bags. The blind bags consist of 1 figure and an accessory or stand. These are a complete surprise so you never know what you are getting.

The packs of 3 are all shown and come as no surprise figure. Though the pack of 9 come with 8 definite figures and 1 surprise. Each pack consists of small figures, medium figures and large figures. Jakks have also gone that one step further and brought out a pack of five which are themed. The themes so far are Woody’s Roundup, Classic Pack and Cat Craze.

Displaying Your Tsum Tsum’s

We actually organise our tsum tsum by displaying them on a nail varnish stand. We found the useful tip on youtube while watching someones tsum tsum collection. I built the stand and sat it on its back so that the slots became the long channels in which the tsum tsums would fit into.

Many use the display packs and build up a large set to stack and store their tsum tsum collection. I am guessing for the kids to carry around they will use to carry cases.

As always I would love to know what you think of the Disney Tsum Tsum range. If you are a fan who is your favourite character and why? Let me know in the comments below.

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