Disney Tsum Tsum Series 4 Stack’em Review

We’re no newcomer to Disney Tsum Tsums. In fact, on The Harrison Household we’ve previously featured the Disney Tsum Tsum squishie’s as well as the Disney Tsum Tsum Stack’em display stands.

However, we’ve finally managed to get our hands on two packs of series 4 Disney Tsum Tsum Stack’ems. We therefore figured we’d do a mini review.

There are two different 9 packs to collect for series 4. However, you could buy multiples of the same pack as you can find different mystery figures even in the same packs. In this case, there’s 2 mystery figures, one large and one tiny.

You can also purchase Disney Tsum Tsum Stack em’s Series 4 in single packs (blind bags) and packs of three (the medium / middle tsum tsum being the mystery)

Opening up our packet you’ll find the two packed ‘surprise’ mystery figures. You’ll also notice 2 large Tsum Tsums, 3 medium (these are the same size as the squishies) and 2 tinies. There’s also a collector guide that includes all the Disney Tsum Tsum stack’ems to collect up to this series (series 4).

In this case, I thought we had a good range of different characters from different Disney films. Both modern (Sadness from Inside Out) and classic (Piglet from the Winnie The Pooh series).

Inside our mystery packages, we had a super rare black and white Mickey tiny as well as a large Jesse from Toy Story.

In the terms of our collection, it’s grown a lot since the previous post. We received some Tsum Tsums for Christmas that we didn’t have and alongside the 18 new Tsum Tsums here we’ve had to purchase another stand.

In conclusion, I believe that the series 4 Disney Tsum Tsum Stack’ems are a great little collection series for the Disney fan. The RRP seems to be somewhere around £11.95 which I believe to be a little high. I think paying £1.50 each is okay. However, when you have to buy 9 in one go it can seem a lot.

However, if you can find them on sale at around 25% or 50% discount. Then I think they are a great product set to top up that all important Disney Tsum Tsum collection.

As always we’d love to know what you think of our collection of Disney Tsum Tsums. As well as series 4 of the Disney Tsum Tsum stack’ems. Let us know in the comments below…



The thing that really lets these down, at least in my opinion is the price. It’s just a little over priced. However, if you can find them at a discount of around 25% or 50% off then I think you’re getting a great deal! They are well painted and made, and there’s plenty to collect.

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