DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Bathroom Accessories

It’s taken six weeks, but our bathroom is finally finished (well, almost… we have a shower, a toilet and a sink in a fixed position so we’re celebrating) which means we’re beginning to think about decor.

Queue, the trip to Ikea where we found this lovely toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. Only problem? They were a bit plain, lacked personality. I’m usually a fan of clean and simple lines, but we needed something to really add a spark to the bathroom, and I think some basic Rae Dunn inspired lettering might just be the key.

The result…

We’ve published a guide on how to make these DIY Rae Dunn inspired bathroom accessories yourself below, however, it requires a Cricut machine. These currently retail for around £250 so it’s a rather large investment for what’s supposed to be a budget personality boost.

For this reason, we’re also selling the decals in white and black in our Etsy store for £2.99 with free postage inside the UK or if you don’t have an Ikea local, or love the style but don’t have the time we’ll do the whole job for you and post you out one of each of this wash and brush DIY Rae Dunn inspired bathroom sets for just £24.99 – again, free delivery in the UK.

DIY Rae Dunn Bathroom Accessories

DIY Rae Dunn Bathroom Accessories
Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty 3
Estimated Cost £10


    1. Wipe clean your soap dispenser and toothbrush holder so they are free from any residue.

    2. Download the font of your choice. In this case, we're using 'The Skinny' font to create the Rae Dunn style.

    3. Head to the Circuit design space and create a new blank project.

    4. Measure the height and width of your items in inches.

    4. Select text from the menu on the right-hand-side and begin typing in what you'd like to display on your first item.

    5. Once you're happy with this you can click text again and add something else if you're planning on making a label for both the toothbrush holder and the soap dispenser.

    6. Adjust the size of the text to fit the height and width of your items. I tend to focus on width more than height and allow some space on either side. Especially if you're a beginner getting the vinyl to wrap around the edges without bubble can be hard.

    7. Once you're happy with the size of your fonts you'll want to click the 'make it button' this will take you to the following page.

    8. Now it's time to set up your vinyl. Get the colour vinyl you want to use and cut it to size. In this case, I needed the vinyl to be at least 6 inches wide and 2 inches tall to cut out both of the text items.

    9. Once the vinyl is cut apply it sticky side up to the Cricut mat.

    10. Position the mat at the entrance of the Cricut machine and turn the knob on the machine to select vinyl material.

    11. Head back over to your computer and approve the cut to begin.

    12. Once the cut has finished, unload the mat from your machine. In this case, because I have two different text cuts for two different products I'm cutting them apart so I've two pieces of vinyl (one for wash and one for brush) instead of it all on one.

    13. Now you'll need to weed away the excess vinyl using the weeding tool.

    14. Once you've removed all the excess vinyl, cut some transfer tape to cover the size of the vinyl and apply.

    15. Rub the two materials together using the scraper and then peel the vinyl backing away from the transfer tape so the vinyl lettering is now stuck to the transfer tape.

    16. Apply the transfer tape with the vinyl attached to the position on the item in which you'd like the text to appear. Ensuring the item is aligned and straight to the text.

    17. Again use the scraper to apply the vinyl off the transfer tape and onto the item.

    18. Once you're happy gently peel away the transfer tape from the item. If the vinyl doesn't stick try pushing the transfer tape back down and using the scraper again to push the vinyl onto the item. Then use the tweezers to help pull back the vinyl with more precision - this does take practice.

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