Epcot The Ultimate Adults Disney Playground

While I feel Epcot is forgotten and underrated especially with children, I feel it needs to gain some love and attention. I really noticed that Disney spotted a trend and made something for the older generation of Disney fans to enjoy. Epcot is now what I would call the ultimate adults Disney playground, it has everything we enjoy. It hosts the finer things in life such a culture, nice food, different types of drinks alcoholic and not and a touch of Disney.

On our latest trip, we managed to catch the wonderful Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. In September they were also hosting the Food and Wine Festival, unlucky for us we couldn’t get there. Epcot has really honed in on an audience and created events for them. We are part of the ever-growing mature Disney fan base and with that, there is more development into specially catered events.

Flower And Garden Festival

We were really pleased to find out that we would be visiting Walt Disney World while the Flower and Garden Festival was happening. The best part of visiting Epcot is getting to practically walk around the world. There were still using food cards so you could take food in every country as well as the drinks package meaning you can have an alcoholic beverage in every country.

The gardeners at Disney had been working hard to prepare such amazing displays for the festival. I have seen some imaginative work with flowers but this was taken to the next level. We were holidaying with Cora’s parents and both of them enjoy flower shows, Joy mostly for the shopping opportunities. Whereas Peter is the gardener and takes pride in his garden, so this was right up his street.

What made the festival interesting was that each display was placed within a different country. The best part was that the display was matched to the country. For example, Beauty and the Beast film is based in France, so their display was in Paris/France section. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook were all based in England as that is where some of the films take place.

I absolutely loved the added animation to the flower characters and the scenes they were placed in. The attention to detail, as usual, wasn’t forgotten about and was lovely to see. There were also other additions to the festival such as other displays with a throne, dog house and twinnings cups filled with flowers.

The festival itself is on for 4 months from the 28th of February to the 28th of May. They put on similar events every year within Epcot to draw in the visitors. If you are looking to do something a little different why not check out one of the tours available. There is Gardens of the World, English Tea Garden Presented by Twinings of London, Royal Tea Garden Tour and Behind The Seeds. These tours will take you on the back streets of Disney to show you the preparation that goes into creating the flower and garden festival.

Don’t forget to check out the times of the concerts going on at Epcot. There is plenty of entertainment to keep you chilled for the full evening. I couldn’t think of a better way to rest my feet than sitting watching a concert with some food from around the world and a cold beer.

I absolutely loved visiting Epcot and love going back every time. If you are looking for a day out at Disney with a slower pace and a little less rushing around I would suggest checking out Epcot. If you are a Disney lover without any children Epcot can be a great place to go enjoy the food and drinks at a relaxing pace.

If you have been to Epcot and seen any of the flower and garden displays or even the food and wine festival let me know what you thought. If you loved it, what did you love? What food was your favourite and which country do you love visiting the most?

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