February 2018 – What We Watched This Month

While we were away for 2 weeks on the month we still managed to squeeze in some TV time. It was also a shame that quite a few of our regular TV shows were on a break during the Winter Olympics so that cut down our options. On the brighter side, it made us look harder for something new to watch and found yet another series we would happily binge on. This is what we watched in February…

The Adults

Cruising With Jane Mcdonald

We watched the first series a couple of months ago for the first time and absolutely loved it. We aren’t usually ones to watch regular TV so this was a new one for us but we enjoyed it so much. Jane is a great host to the programme and keeps the comedy coming. The programme is definitely a breath of fresh air and who doesn’t love the hidden aspect of cruise shopping while watching!?

The Resident

Remember Logan Huntsberger from Gilmore Girls? Or Cat Argos from The Good Wife? Well he is now known as Dr Conrad Hawkins in The Resident. We love a good medical show (Grey’s Anatomy is our fave!) so we decided to give this a go, while we haven’t finished the season yet it looks promising. Though it has had some stick from critics and viewers, we don’t mind it. If you are looking for something new to watch give it a try. If like us your a Grey’s Anatomy fan I can honestly say its not like that but has a really good twist to the storyline which sheds light on the medical industry in America.

The Teens

To The Bone

Though I would say this is much more for older teens to adults it is a very interesting film to watch. We were drawn in by the trailer of Keanu Reeves with Lily Collins telling something to F**k off. The film is quite brutally honest of what happens to people who struggle with anorexia and follows her journey. Though it isn’t all doom and gloom, there is plenty of light humour thrown in as well as some touching moments.

Everything Sucks

Without a doubt another amazing addition to our list form Netflix. Found this one night and watched all 10 episodes in one night. This is similar to Stranger Things in terms of the story is based and following a set of kids/ teens but without the darkness. This is such a great programme following a coming of age story set in the 1990’s showing off everything we loved and hated about the 90’s! The actors are yet again amazing and it is just filled with great humour and great one-liners.

The Kids


Horrid Henry TV Show

Frankie has a big obsession with Horrid Henry at the moment. I am not sure if this is wise but he likes it. If you aren’t familiar with Horrid Henry, he is a young boy who creates a massive amount of mischief where ever he goes. It is a cartoon tv programme and there is also books available to read, they are fun and light-hearted. Just make sure your little one(s) don’t start taking on the behaviour.


Matilda’s favourite thing to do is listen to music on spotify but she quickly put the phone down to watch Twirlywoos the other day. She loved the music and ducks that came on, standing in front of the tv and dancing. Twirlywoos has been around a while now and is an ongoing favourite for younger children. It has great squishy characters, bright colours and simple story for little ones to learn and follow.

As always, we’d love to know what you’ve been watching this month in the comments below… We might even watch something you recommend and feature it in next months segment.

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