February 2019 – What We Watched This Month

I’m sorry February’s edition of what we watched this month is a little late. Helen and I have been in Hamburg for Traverse inaugural Keyframe video conference. Which is another reason why this month’s list seems so damn short… I honestly felt like we’d watched more than what we had. Then again is two box sets and one movie in 28 days really that bad going?


Kicking things off with the Netflix original film featuring Jennifer Anniston, Dumplin. I’d seen the trailer for this film a couple of times and sort of wrote it off. Finally, one evening too late to start a new box set (and with nothing else inspiring to watch) I caved – and I’m so glad I did.

While the genre of the film may be coming of age comedy, this female headstrong film is enough to make you laugh and cry. In this day and age IMO it takes a lot for a fresh film to achieve just that. Of course, the film also resulted in me listening to nothing but Dolly Parton for a full week.

Kidnapped In Plain Sight

This months WTF (maybe even the WTF of 2019) goes to the documentary series Kidnapped in Plain Sight. I mean this is really something else…

Image may contain: Abducted in Plain Sight memes, Abducted in Plain Sight, meme, netflix, Jan's dad, broberg, Text, Face, Clothing, Apparel, Person, Human, Furniture, Chair

I’ve told everyone and their dog about this documentary. There’s nothing like it out there and it’s impossible to believe, yet sadly 100% true!


Having not seen the book this series is based on, only the trailer I assumed it was along the lines of Twilight. As some creepy guy follows around some unknowing girl. Once again, I couldn’t be more wrong. This was an addictive series that only highlights the very real problems with public social media accounts.


An I sort of loved it. I mean I hated the ending – I guess. But, the whole story was incredibly well written and told from all the right perspectives. I’d highly recommend giving it a watch on Netflix.

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