Find Me A Review

As it is getting nearer and nearer to Mother’s day and Father’s day we have been looking for that unique gift to give this year. With our ideas all gone and used on Christmas we were feeling a little in need of inspiration. That was when Find Me A got in touch and saved the day.

Though we have never bought from Find Me A before we were quickly surprised with the quality and service. We looked through the website and found so many things we could get for everyone 3 times over. There are gifts for everyone from men, women, kids and for different ages.

We were specifically looking for something for my mum for Mother’s day. She isn’t fussy but I always like to make the extra effort to let her know she’s the best. The best thing is that Find Me A have so many items you can find something for even the fussiest of people. Even better that they have a number of items that can be personalised. I chose the Dictionary Mum candle when adding the candle to your shopping cart you can change the lines to personalise it.

The candle is a great gift to make any mum feel special, you can change the text to say what you want. I loved the idea of getting this and a couple of other items and creating a lovely gift basket for mothers day. I like the option to make this personal without it costing too much at £9.99.

The other 2 items we chose for my dad, he appreciates most things so he was easy to buy for. Find Me A had plenty on offer and so we actually struggled to narrow it down to two things. My dad is a big fan of red wine, so much I don’t think a birthday or Christmas goes by without one bottle making the present pile.

We saw the Bring Me Wine Socks and absolutely laughed as these are perfect for him. He would sit in his chair and just flash his feet to my mum and the job is done. These were a bargain price of £4.99 for the pair, I am really impressed with the socks. I just hope they fit now!

The next gift was a retro wall mounted bottle opener, this is perfect for when we have family parties. There is always that one thing you need that you can never find, usually it is a bottle opener at their house so this is too perfect. The wall mounted bottle opener comes with screws to hold it in place and is great quality.

You can get the bottle opener for £5.99, perfect gift to give with a couple of craft beers and some chocolate for father’s day.

Thank you to Find Me A for supplying us with these amazing gifts. Let me know in the comments below if you have bought anything from Find Me A before and what you thought in the comments below.

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