What We Gave & What We Got For Christmas 2017

With the immense build-up of Christmas 2017 and the big day, making sure everything is perfect and everyone has something. I think we often forget to relax and enjoy our time together. I and Cora don’t often ask for much because if we want something we will get it ourselves. What we really enjoy is being able to spoil the people we love, so this is a breakdown of what we gave and what we got for Christmas 2017.

The Mums

For my mum she really liked her patchwork blanket I made her the year before and she always used them so made her another. Using some brushed cotton bedding that I found reduced in TK Maxx I cut it into squares and created a pattern and put wadding in the middle. I then made a small hand embroidered patch saying ‘ mums quilt’ for the front. I also added her a Dove shower set in that came with a shower pouffe and 2 body washes.

Cora’s  mum is always a treat to buy for as she likes so much and is always happy with what she receives. This year we got tickets for both her and Cora’s dad to go see Peter Kay but unfortunately, that fell through as so had to find them both a last minute gift. She really enjoys watching films so got a couple of DVD’s on Amazon for a deal price as well as some fancy chocolates and a Chip mug from the cats.

The Dads

For my dad, he loves to cook and does a very good homemade Indian curry, so while at a local craft fair we spotted a handcrafted spice tin. It was all homemade blends of spices and carefully packaged into a tin wrapped in sari fabric which came to £25. We also gave him a Dove shower and shave set as well as a really cool Christmas BB8 star wars t-shirt we found in Tesco for £3. Dad loves Star Wars and got to see him wearing it on boxing day which was great.

Cora’s dad is harder to buy for as he has everything he needs. As he is into his jukebox at the moment we bought him a case to store his extra singles in from Amazon. We also found him a snowman t-shirt from Tesco for £2 on Christmas Eve. The last item he got was a cat print mug from the cats. We got a combined gift for him and Cora’s mum to share and it was an Amazon echo dot. They like to watch the chase and so to settle arguments on the right answer and to order takeaways we got that.

The Sisters

For my sisters, we bought some reduced to clear mug sets each from Tesco in the boxing day sale. They were originally £10 down to £1.25 each. We also put together a bundle of large candles and some Jack Wills body butter and spray too. To top it off we had managed to get some Tresemme hair care kits with shampoo, conditioner, volume spray and a small brush in the Asda 3 for 2.

The Brothers

Cora’s brother is always easy to buy for as we buy him food-related items mostly. This year we got him a £20 ASOS voucher that we won earlier in the year, some Super Mario boxers we found for £1 in Asda and a dove wash tin.

For my sister’s fiance, he is always really simple to buy for and always very grateful for what he gets. This year we had been given some energy bars and protein shake powders from a Blog event that were perfect for him. We also had some festive socks that we wrapped up with a travel Dove shower set perfect for showering after the gym. We also gave him a shower and shave set we got in the Asda 3 for 2.

The Kids

For the kids, we had collected so much over the year for them and it was hard to draw a line but we managed to keep some back for their birthdays. My nephew is a big cars fan, all he ever wants to do is play with cars or be a car so he is easy to please. He also loves just unwrapping presents at Christmas, he really enjoys is, so we got lots of small gadgets, toys and small stocking fillers for him this year. We wrapped up a hot wheels fidget spinner, a stickman robot, some DC mashems, a Hexbug (he got one last year and loved it) and many more small things. We also put together a bag of sweets each for them. We also found cake splat down to 70p in Asda months ago and he also got that.

The girls were easier as we had larger presents for them, the youngest is not yet 2 years old. We found around a year ago a soft rocking horse reduced from £40 to £8 in Asda. We believe the noises of the horses do not work but none of us minded that. Also last year Cora won a competition with 3 sparkle dolls, one was given for her birthday and the other 2 for Christmas. Both presents went down very well with a bag of sweets on the side.

What We Got…

We both had a lovely Christmas and though I am always more excited to give presents than get them, it was still exciting. We got some really good gifts like our new Philips Sonicare toothbrush, which I am very impressed with already. We got some new clothes between us, some sweet treats as always and some tsum tsum goodies. Some of the smaller gifts included a travel pillow and eye mask and some stocking fillers that are always handy to have around. I also got some great new patchwork tools ready to get making better patchwork quilts next year.



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