Gin Gins Candy Helping To Prevent ‘Morning Sickness’ During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness has to be one of the worst things during pregnancy. It affects each one of us differently, and at this moment in time, it’s hitting my sister Amy who is five weeks pregnant HARD! 

Morning Sickness seems to exasperate all the negative things about pregnancy, nausea, fatigue, as well as how easily you can become aggravated. So, when The Ginger People got in touch to congratulate Amy on her pregnancy I spoke to them about how Gin Gins candy might be able to help her.

Gin Gins Candy is available in a tasty caramel sweet and contains a 30% ginger per sweet. Working within the digestive system, ginger can help to boost digestive fluids and neutralize acids.

Given the new research into anti-nausea medication and it’s perhaps placebo effects for those suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy, Gin Gins candy seems like the ideal alternative.

We got my sister Amy to try it out for two weeks to see if she noticed a difference…

It took just three days before I got a text message “I’ve not been sick in 48 hours!!!” The number of exclamation marks and sheer glee in the message made me wonder if this was a miracle. However, the pure happiness in her following snapshots, photos, texts and phone calls made me believe that Gin Gins candy had managed to neutralize her morning sickness.

At just £1.65 for a 31g box, it took her fianceé, Tom, just 3 hours to go out and purchase a 9 month supply of the caramel candy.

I waited for a further 10 days before writing this post, just to be sure that the Gin Gins Candy was really still as good as she first thought. An I’m pleased to report, I’ve only heard good things since… 

As always we’d love to know if you’ve been using Gin Gins candy during pregnancy and how you’ve found it… let us know in the comments below!

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