We had the most wonderful time at BlogOnX in Manchester earlier this month, catching up with old friends and meeting new while taking a look at some of this year’s most promising toys. With summer on the horizon (at least I think… I mean one moment it’s snowing the next it’s the hottest day on record) a toy that really caught our eye was Glove-A-Bubbles.

It turns out the creative characters of Glove-A-Bubbles also interested Matilda pretty quickly too (so quickly, in fact, we struggled to take a photo without her running off with one)

The all-in-one bubble creating fun of Glove-A-Bubbles makes creating hundreds of bubbles quick, easy and contained. This video demonstrates how all this is possible;

Within seconds of opening our first Glove-A-Bubble, we were all decorating the garden with hundreds of bubbles of all different shapes and sizes.

Being the boisterous boy he is Frankie was quick to burn off as much energy as possible by waving his hand in every direction.

There were zero arguments (shocker!) over wearing the glove as little Matilda was more than happy to chase around the garden giggling as she popping the bubbles her brother had created.

So, if you’re looking for some simple and affordable fun this summer then look no further than Glove-A-Bubbles. Glove-A-Bubbles are available to purchase from major toy stores such as Smyths and Amazon now for £3.99.

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