Goula – Bunny’s Garden & Robots Mix Review

Matilda is fast becoming a grown-up little girl and she is keen on learning more. Over the past year, she has improved massively with her colours, numbers and speech. We have also been adding games, shapes and puzzles to keep her interested. We were super excited to hear that Goula wanted to work with us on some cute puzzles and games for Matilda to try out to get her ready for big girl nursery in September.

Bunny’s Garden can be found online or in stores for £14.99.

Bunny’s Garden

The first one to be opened was Bunny’s Garden which Matilda loved! She loved the colours and the small weights which she called a raspberry, carrot and lemon. She loved playing with the set and was fully aware that it was a bunny’s garden. She also told us all multiple times to play in bunny’s garden which was super cute!

Bunny’s garden is a lovely wooden made set which made it easy to play with, super fun and long-lasting. We can easily use this for a long time and keep it for a couple of years time for the next young one to play with. The colours on the wooden pieces are vibrant and well painted with the small felt tuft of leaves at the top.

It gives enough imagination to the set to get children involved and drawn in. Then after playing a couple of times, it can be a really fun game to be involved in.

Robot Mix

The robot mix was a slow starter but after a little help, she really got into it. Matilda loved been independent when creating the picture, she is quite independent anyway so it was great to see her excelling at it.

After a couple of tries, she started to be more precise about her placement of the wooden pieces onto the board. The set is really simple and easy to play with. The colour, designs and style is really clear, vibrant and fun. The set comes with a board with guidelines, two-sided printed wooden sticks and instructions. The game is really simple and easy to play and can keep even the older ones quiet.

Frankie was more than happy to come over to help Matilda change up her robot and create a new one. They took it in turns to pick a card and create the robot.

She was so happy to mix and match the colours and soon figured out that the blue parts went together and orange parts went together. She kept asking for “the other one” which was the reverse side. Once she figured out she could completely mix and match them and make her own she was really intrigued.

Robot’s Mix can be found online for £10.99.

Overall, we were really impressed with the quality and playability with the toys themselves. I think the bunny’s garden set was really sweet and imaginative and would go really well with general toys and home kitchen sets. I think Matilda really loved the idea she could use it within her wendy house and cook up a carrot for us.

We also loved the robots mix as it was simple and fun, Matilda, Frankie and Bella all got involved and started designing their own robot along with creating ones from the card which was fun. I would like to get a couple more in different styles to mix and match to help the creativity and imagination really develop.

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