Great Gift Ideas For New Home Owners

We ourselves are going through the process of buying a new home. We sold our last home over a year ago to go travelling. We saved the funds for when we wanted to get another house and that time has come. For us, this is a slight doer upper and we are extremely excited. You may know people who have been renting before buying a new home or living with family/parents. These are just a few gift ideas for people moving into a new home.

Goody Basket Of Condiments

We don’t have anything stored away for the new house. and when all our money is going on the house small simple things are getting left behind. One of these things are kitchen essentials such as sauces, condiments etc. These were items we didn’t have from the old house and haven’t yet thought about getting. You can put together a basket, bag etc of mayo, tomato sauce, brown sauce, and salt and pepper. It is such a useful and cheap way to get a great gift and know that it will be used in the home.

Photo Frames

Quite a common present I think, though try buying these in a pair or set as people like to have matching ones. I personally would prefer to have matching ones and would like a set to use in my living room. You can find lovely frames in packs in Ikea, home sense and supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. You can find packages on Amazon for as little as £10 for three frames.


No doubt someone out of the family and friends will bring flowers, we don’t have a vase. So this is such a handy little present. It can be something simple if you aren’t sure on the style of house and colour scheme. You can purchase a plain glass vase for very little and it fit into any home. You can even buy a small bunch of flowers to go in it.

Non-perishable Food Parcels

This is a great idea to get a new home started. You can put together a hamper of things like pasta,rice and noodles. Biscuits, tinned foods, cereals and grains these are all items any new homeowner will be pleased to find and find useful. Non-perishable goods are a great way to get a home ready and give useful gifts.

Cleaning products

One of the most expensive things to buy week in and week out. A bag of cleaning products with a spray, rubber gloves, and cleaning cloths are a great way to give a useful gift. These are small items that can cost a small fortune when buying a house but can make such a difference.

Light Bulbs

Yes, I understand this is a strange one to think about but it is so useful. I know for one my sister Laura would appreciate this as she is forever in need of light bulbs so this is so practical. You can make this into a little joke present with some chocolate or tea bags etc.

Spare Bedding

This may be something a bit more personal but a great idea to give. There is nothing more frustrating when it comes to washing your bedding and needing a backup. This can be a lovely gift, you can find out what colour scheme they are going for and find bedding to match. This is especially useful if the house has a spare room and all the focus is on the rest of the house first.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This isn’t just practical but it is helpful, many people will remember or already have a smoke alarm but many forget to include a carbon monoxide alarm. We have always made sure to have one before we moved in but know many new home owners forget this item.


Allusive items such as batteries are like gold dust when you need them the most. Imagine going to turn the tv on in your new place and realise that you haven’t got any batteries?! How frustrating would that be. They also come in handy for multiple other items in the house.

4 Way Extension Cable

In our last house, we had one room as an office so we have multiple things plugged in like laptop chargers, printer and computer. We were forever buying more and more extension cables or borrowing them from one room to go to another. This can be a really practical gift even if the recipient is still doing up the house or is already in.


Though myself and Cora really aren’t candle people both my sisters love a scented candle. These can make such a lovely gift for any new homeowner, just to help get rid of the fresh paint smell. You can find a bag of small tea lights for less then a couple of pounds. Or even find scented candles in larger form in places such as Asda, Tesco and Ikea.

Washing Equipment

I used to hate having to buy washing stuff, laundry detergent etc. It was painful because it cost so much money and would always run out when I needed it the most. When we first moved in we had already had a chance to find washing stuff for cheap and stocked up on it so it was one less thing we had to pay for each month. My mum would also buy it when it was on offer and would stock it away for any us when we needed it. Put together a little basket of Washing tablets, fabric softener and stain remover, especially for their first month in a new house is really helpful.

Spice Rack/ Herbs

When we started doing more cooking and trying out new recipes we ended up buying loads of spices and herbs that ended up costing us a fortune. You can find great spice racks from places like TK Maxx, HomeSense or on Amazon. Buying a select amount of spices and herbs and putting them into a gift bag, rack or just in a basket is a lovely way to make a house a home.

Glasses/ Mugs

Even when you move out, you generally only buy a certain number of mugs and glasses right? You never think you are going to need 20 glasses because will you ever use them all at one time. If you have a lot of friends, a large family or just lazy at washing up then yes you will. Get a couple of neutral mugs and glasses or try to find the ones they already have for those times that they have a few too many visitors or just having a slow wash week.

Amazon Prime Year Subscription/ Netflix Subscription

We aren’t big tv lovers, we love watching series and programmes but not in the traditional sense. We own a TV but we don’t use it to catch up with Emmerdale, Coronation Street or Home and Away every day. We watch different series on Netflix and Amazon. I feel this is something you would get a younger couple/person moving into their own place. You can pay for the first one month or 6 months just to get them going.

These are just some of the practical and unusual new home gift ideas. I would love to know in the comments what the best product/item you got and why you loved it. It can be something fun, funny, sentimental or extremely useful and boring. Also if you have been a gift giver what kind of new home presents have you given in the past?

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