Review: Hamster Race – The Cheese Chasing, Hamster Racing Game!

We were sent this amazing Hamster Race board game in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

It’s getting colder, wetter and darker outside, which in The Harrison Household means only one thing… board game season. To kick things off we’re checking out the cheese chasing, hamster racing game – Hamster Race by John Adams.

The Hamster Race board game is currently available from major retailers with an RRP of £19.99 and is suitable for ages 4+ (although 2-year-old Matilda didn’t understand the process of the game, she quickly fell in love with the Hamsters) and is designed for 2 – 4 players making it perfect for the entire family!

Setting up the game is pretty simple. Just a couple of parts need clipping together, although there are instructions to help if you get stuck.

The aim of the game is to line up your hamsters on the starting grid, roll the dice and race around the track.

Pick up cheese as you go and tip the see-saw to let your hamster ride the wheel. The last hamster on the wheel wins the round and gets to keep the cheese in their mouth. The player with the most cheese after 3 rounds wins the game!

We played the Hamster Race game two evenings in a row and really enjoyed it. The game is super quick to set up and put away which is fantastic. The small number of parts the board game has in a house as chaotic as ours is a huge benefit and minimises the risk of any getting lost…

The game plays pretty quickly once everyone knows how to play so you can complete an entire game of three rounds in around 20 minutes with 4 players. One negative is that the hamster wheel requires 4 AA batteries to function, these are not included with the game and will need to be purchased separately.

If you’re looking for a great board game this board game season then we highly recommend checking out Hamster Race available to buy now on Amazon.

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