Harry Potter Gift Ideas

If you didn’t already know I am a massive fan of Harry Potter. I love everything to do with the wonderful wizarding world and so I should right? They are the best books I have ever read. Well, there are plenty more fans eager to have everything, Harry Potter and more.

So these Harry Potter Gift Ideas are perfect for any fan around. Thanks to Paladone for creating these amazing Harry Potter gifts and stocking fillers to get our magic on.

 There is something for everyone and the best thing is they are all so practical and fun. My ultimate favourite is the novelty eyewear Harry Potter glasses by RubiesUK. That is my Halloween costume sorted forever now…

Iron On Patches

First up on the list of amazing Harry Potter gift ideas is something I have been looking at in Sainsbury’s for quite some time now, the iron on patches. There are 14 inside and are all amazing, I am super excited to try these out (just need a Harry Potter backpack now).

These are such great quality for a decent price, perfect for that person that owns everything already. Everything from the packaging to the designs captures the wonderful world of Harry Potter and friends.

Hogwarts Mug

The next gift on our Harry Potter gift ideas is a mug. Everybody needs and uses mugs right, well why not make it THE mug to use. There are so many Harry Potter mugs on the market but I absolutely love this one. This is a great gift idea for the Potter fans. The mug is beautifully styled and is in a rich deep red with gold decoration, making it stylish and full of Potter fun.

Hogwarts Crest Coasters

So now you have your mug(s) you obviously now need the coasters to match. Don’t tell me you don’t because you do. These are so lovely and the best part is that they match the mugs perfectly. Making these one of the most practical and beautiful gifts in our Harry Potter gift ideas collection. You get 4  coasters in a pack, each displaying the crest of each house at Hogwarts.

Light Up Keyring

The keyring is the next on ou Harry Potter Gift Ideas list and rightly so because it is very cute. Pressing down the cork top to make the light glow you couldn’t say no to this as a cheeky stocking filler. This is great for any age and yes I did say any age, I will be styling this on my backpack along with my iron on patches.

Hogwarts Travel Mug

Just like those winters at Hogwarts, the weather can get pretty cold for us too and what better to help through the cold mornings than this beautiful travel mug. Yet again the mug is beautifully designed and just looked awesome. I really like the style of the travel mug and will be using it to keep me warm while out car booting.

Harry Potter Novelty Eyewear

The last on our list of Harry Potter gift ideas are these amazingly cool Harry Potter glasses, without the glass. These are by RubiesUK and are great for everyone. I had to get my pair out straight away and wear them because who wouldn’t really.

These are my top Harry Potter gift ideas perfect for any age, gender and fan level. Try mix and matching a couple of gifts to create an awesome wizard hamper for your Harry Potter fan this year. I know that I am going to have too much fun with it all and look forward to using my products.

These are of course just some of the new products from Paladone’s new Harry Potter range. They are available in supermarkets and on Amazon.

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