Review: Hatchimals WOW Llalacorn

We have been big fans at Hatchimals in our house since they first launched a couple of years ago now. During this time we’ve had a range of different Hatchimal products and definitely loved caring for and playing with our little hatchlings.

Today, however, we’re looking at the latest Hatchimals release. Hatchimals WOW, and let me tell you this incredible Hatchimal really does make you say WOW!

We were kindly gifted this by Spinmaster for an honest review and as always all opinions are our own.

What Are Hatchimals?

Hatchimals are a well known and well-loved brand of toys made for children to find a new friend and have hours of fun and learning.

We have previously loved opening and playing with the Hatchimals toys, such as the Hatchimals Pixies.

Hatchimals are interactive and collectable toys that have swept into the market and took over – they even won the award for the toy of the year in 2016.

Hatchimals have become a household name with so many different eggs to hatch and play with. Many of the Hatchimals have a unique way to hatch revealing an interactive animal-like friend to play with and speak to.

How To Hatch The Hatchimal Wow?

Like many of the previous Hatchimal toys, the Hatchimal Wow is pretty easy to hatch. Though it is unique in comparison to many of the other Hatchimal eggs we’ve previously hatched.

Once you have taken the main base and plugs from the bottom of the egg you can follow the instructions.

We read through the instructions before getting started. We hugged our egg, snuggled in and cradled it like a baby to warm it up and make it feel loved.

We then sat it down and began to play games, like knocking on the egg. Once you knock a rhythm on the eggshell the Llalacorn will knockback to you. You can also rock your Hatchimals WOW like a baby slowly back and forth.

Once the llalacorn’s eyes create a rainbow colour display within the egg that is the time the egg is ready to hatch. Peel off the remaining ribbon and let the egg hatch. Your Llalacorn will grow and push the top of the egg up and sing ” Hatchy Birthday”.

What Do You Get In The Hatchimals Llalacorn?

Hours of fun and a new best friend of course!

Here is what you physically get included.

  • The giant egg that your Llalacorn comes in – which can be used over and over again.
  • An interactive strawberry that connects to your Llalacorn for feeding and fun.
  • Finally, your Llalacorn!

How To Interact And Play With Hatchimal Llalacorn

There is a whole range of ways you can play with your Llalacorn that will keep everyone entertained. You can tap on the toes to make her giggle and bob up and down.

You can make your Hatchimal Llalacorn happy by tickling the tummy area, this will make your Llalacorn giggle and happy.

The Hatchimal Llalacorn likes to play games. Our favourite game to play with the Hatchimal WOW is to make the Llalacorn chase the strawberry.

You can place the strawberry at the nose and move it up and down for the Llalacorn to chase.

One of our favourite interactions was to feed the Llalacorn, simply place the strawberry on the nose between the eyes and wait for the eyes to turn purple. Then your Llalacorn will start to feed on the strawberry and munch away making sounds.

You can also play music and the Llalacorn will start to sing along or try and hit the high notes. The more you play together the more you can do together and talk.

The Hatchimals WOW comes with 10 different hatching moods and over 250 sound effects during play and fun.

What We Thought Of The Hatchimals Llalacorn

Upon opening the Llalacorn we were surprised by the interactive nature straight away. It was ready to play as soon as you were which really brought the magic alive.

That on Christmas morning would be amazing as I know from experience there is nothing more frustrating than having to unwrap the toy, get a screwdriver, find batteries and then set it up.

The Llalacorn was easy to take out of the packaging and with the help from an adult it is super easy to get the wrapper off. I did get a little confused with the wrapping as there is two layers. The first layer can come off before hatching as the instructions say but the second is to stay on until hatching is ready.

The hatching for us was a little confusing but that was because we got stuck on the second layer of plastic wrapping. Otherwise, the hatching was super fun and exciting.

We quickly pulled out the Llalacorn to stand it on the floor to play with. We worked out the best place to hold and move the Llalacorn is the base by the feet or over the wings area for best support.

We found that the more we played with our Llalacorn the more it wanted to playback with us. We introduced her/him to Frankie and Matilda and honestly, they were so excited!

Straight away Matilda knew what to do (after watching the promotion video on repeat for hours). She was really excited to play with Llalacorn and feed it with the sequin fruit that it comes with.

Frankie was the most involved as he knew how to pick it up properly and the different tricks to play with the Llalacorn. He was really intrigued with how to make her head go up and down.

We did slightly struggle to feed our Llalacorn and found it hard until we figured out we had to wait until the eyes turn purple.

The overall playable features with the Llalacorn are great as there is so much you can do. And it only gets better after playing more and more with your Llalacorn. We found that the kids got a little excited and started trying to do too many things at once which got a little confusing for our little Llalacorn.

We decided from that point we would take it in turns and play together. It was fun for us all to still be playing together with her/him. I also really like the solo playable features for a child wanting to have a little friend at home.

Tips For Playing With Your Hatchimal WOW

  • Be careful not to let children pick up by the neck or under the body, as the body becomes smaller hands can be trapped in the mechanism.
  • Keep your Hatchimal Llalacorn stood on a flat surface and carry by the base and feet.
  • Try only to speak to the Llalacorn once at a time, otherwise he/she gets a little confused.

I hope you enjoyed our review of the Hatchimals WOW Llalacorn. We loved playing together with the kids and loved getting to know all the tricks and tips.

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