Heelys Fresh X2 Review + Win A Pair Of Heelys Fresh X2 Thanks To Skates.co.uk

Heelys aren’t a new brand by any means. They’ve been around since I was a child. However, when Skates.co.uk encouraged us to check out the new range of Heelys Fresh I was impressed to see how far the brand and the skating shoes had come.

Heelys fresh can be worn as plain shoes or the Heelyย / skate shoes. In this case, Frankie really wanted them to be in skate shoe form so we went ahead and added the wheels straight away.

The wheels come separate from the shoe, however, adding and removing them as you require couldn’t be any easier.

Once we added the wheels and laced up the shoes we were ready to go!

It’s worth noting that you can get one wheeled shoe, however, in this case, these are the Heeleyย x2 fresh (the x2 meaning 2 wheels)

We did, however, miss the recommendation from Skates.co.uk to order your standard shoe size in Heelys and instead ordered one size bigger – like you would with rollerblades. It really wasn’t required, and so we had to pad out some of the extra room with a pair of socks (or two!)

Even the rain couldn’t stop Frankie (or us) from testing out the new Heely fresh shoes. We watched the youtube promotional video and demonstration showing us how to ‘heely’ and began putting it into practice. Frankie quickly got the hang of it and we all saw great improvements in the space of just 10 minutes practice.

With the summer quickly approaching Heelys are a super fun way of improving balance and stability. Frankie is 5 and I believe is just the right age to start using them confidently. They’d make the perfect gift for birthday’s or even just as an Easter gift.

Of course, it’s likely there will be a couple of tumbles so ensure you’ve got all the protective equipment on hand to stay safe. From our experience we found it easiest to practice a little indoors first and then move outside onto a smooth surface – you want to avoid stones as they can get trapped in your wheels and trip you up.

Thanks to Skates.co.uk here at The Harrison Household we’re able to offer you the chance to win a pair of Heely Fresh x2 shoes in your style and size – subject to availability. Simply follow the instructions below to enter.

Win A Pair Of Heely Fresh X2 Shoes Thanks To Skates.co.uk

118 thoughts on “Heelys Fresh X2 Review + Win A Pair Of Heelys Fresh X2 Thanks To Skates.co.uk

  1. I am loving the Heely’s plus shoes in Black, hot pink and rainbow, very nice and funky! They look like great fun

  2. I love the Heely’s X2 Fresh shoes in pink and black.
    I also love the Heelys X2 Cruz Shoes – Silver / Multi / Leopard

  3. I absolutely love the
    Heelys X2 Fresh Shoes – Black / Pink, the unicorn one are really pretty too, my five year old daughter would absolutely love any of these, thank you so much for the chance to win xXx

  4. The Heelys Veloz Shoes – Black / Pink Flame are our youngest daughters favourite pair. We’ve been after a pair since the New Year since took her to a roller disco and saw other kids wearing them but her birthday isn’t till December and we’re still catching up on finances after 2 kids birthdays in December and 3 to buy Christmas presents for but totally worth it.

  5. I think my granddaughter would love these as they are her 2 fave colours Heelys Motion Plus Shoes – Purple / Pink Glitter

  6. My daughter’s favourites are the HeelysX2 Fresh Shoes in fuchsia; she thought they were Converse pumps at first and she loves them.

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