How To Make A DIY Fox Tail Costume

Who doesn’t love a little bushy-tailed creature right? Everyone! I knew it, our little ones seem to love animals and love to play dress up as them. I remember always wanting to be a cat, maybe because they get to sleep all day? Probably! But besides that, I am here to show you how to make a DIY fox tail costume for your little ones. This method and shape can be adapted to make a number of other animals, just simply change up the colour and you have a new animal. Try black and white for a cat, stripes for a tiger or zebra and why not make in yellow for a lion?

Equipment And Materials

  • Tape Measure
  • Felt Squares/ felt –  Amazon sells variety packs like this one, where each piece before postage works out at 27p or you can buy a variety pack for £5 from HobbyCraft or single A4 sheets for 55p.
  • Cotton Tape – I bought a whole roll for future projects from Amazon. This makes is 13p per metre before postage.
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine – Optional
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Stuffing – Or use an old cushion to save buying one.  You can usually find cushion infills for roughly £1-£3 in local markets and pound shops. Or Amazon has it for £4.90 for 250g.


  • Cut the shape of your dit fox tail into the orange felt. Cut 2 of these, one for each side.
  • Cut 2 scruffy like tail ends in white felt making sure you can overlap the white onto the orange felt.
  • Sew together 1 orange felt tail with the white tail, repeat for the other side. Overlap the end of the orange tail with the top of the white part and sew into place.


  • Place together and sew together, you don’t need to turn through the felt as it does not fray.
  • Stuff the fox tail with filling evenly.

  • Cut a length of cotton tape enough to tie around the waist and fold in half. This will create the band to tie around the waist to hold in place.
  • Place the fold in the centre of the top of the tail and pin into place.
  • Sew the cotton tape across the top of the tail. Sew on both sides for extra stability.

I would love to hear what exciting animal tails you have created and how your little ones liked them. Let me know how you got on with my DIY fox tail costume tutorial. Comment below and let me know how you got on.

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