I remember the days of looking after my nephew Frankie, who is now 6, and watching In The Night Garden. We now have a new fan of the show in the family, Matilda. She is 2 this year and loves her friends Iggle Piggle and Oopsy Daisy. She has a couple of figures as well as soft toys at home that enjoy bath time and playing in the garden.

We were lucky enough to be invited to watch the live show at Trafford Centre at the start of August. It was decided it would be an early birthday present for Matilda and I can honestly say it was the best idea Cora ever had. We bundled up the kids in the car and packed some snacks for the day, ready for an exciting afternoon.

Finding Car Park P Trafford Centre

On the notes for the show we were told to look for car park P, unfortunately I didn’t see any sign posting to alphabetical car parks. Instead we headed to John Lewis and parked there, from there it was a short walk which was signposted for the show to the dome.

Tip : If you have any children that are older and not interested I would suggest taking them to the sealife centre or Legoland Discovery at Trafford Centre. We decided to give Frankie a treat the same day to make it fair, Cora and Frankie went to Legoland and myself, Laura and Matilda went to the show.

The Show


As soon as we walked into the tent we were immersed in everything In The Night Garden, from colourful balloons to toys and friendly staff. The ticket came with a voucher for £10 off a £39 goody bag, we decided to pass on that as she had most of the toys anyway. There was one toy Matilda had spotted she did like though and that was a little Iggle Piggle clip on squishy toy. With our drinks in our hand and Matilda happy with her new toy we handed over our pram to park up and head through.

The area was fairly quiet as seating is limited they don’t oversell on tickets for each event. The main lobby area was spacious so you weren’t battling with strollers and running over other people children. They had drinks and snacks available to purchase as well as the toys. We were given a activity book as we entered.

The Performance

Going through to the stage area was magical, the hallway was lit up with LED colour changing lights and music from the main stage. Matilda was very excited and was happy enough already. Once through we climbed a couple of steps to get to the seating. The seating was made up of flat large steps covered in carpet in a large half circle. There were roughly 3-4 tiers to create plenty of seating for everyone, I liked how the seating was set out as Matilda really enjoyed having the space to dance and move around.

As we settled down ready for the show to start, the Ninky Nonk came out rolling around. Matilda instantly knew what was going on, she was fixed to the stage from then onwards. She was happy to see the puppets but she became even more excited when she saw the life size Iggle Piggle and Oopsy Daisy.

I was impressed with the detailing of the show starting with puppets and then moving on to life-size versions of the characters. The story was lovely and very enjoyable. I was really pleased that Matilda loved every second of it, from dancing to singing and waving to her friends. Many of the children were up dancing and trying to get to the characters.

There was an option to book and pay to meet the characters and have photographs afterwards but we opted out. There were also the sale of balloons but unfortunately found these quite expensive at £4 for a round balloon and £8 for the Pinky Pink character one.


Overall the show was fantastic and worth going if you have a little fan. There were 2 different shows to go see but honestly I would just choose one. We liked the limited amount of seating so you had plenty of space and a great view no matter where you sat. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and loved that Matilda enjoyed even more.

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