Review: Incredible Kids ‘At-Cost’ Mattresses From Warren Evans

We were recently on the hunt for a mattress for Frankie. With the majority of kids spending around 3,000 hours in bed every single year, it was important that the mattress was of high quality (something his old one was lacking, especially after all this time). However, we didn’t have a huge budget.

That’s when we heard about the incredible range of ‘at-cost’ mattresses launched by Warren Evans.

Who Is Warren Evans?

There are few people who know as much about mattresses and sleep as Warren Evans. Over the years, he’s sold more than 800,000 mattresses and now offers incredible natural mattresses at affordable prices online at

Warren Evans is so incredibly passionate about ensuring everyone has a good night’s sleep he’s launched his incredible ‘kids at cost’ mattress range. All the mattresses in this range have been personally designed and created by Warren. They are handmade, double-sided mattresses that ensure incredible comfort, support and longevity. An with every mattress in the range being sold ‘at-cost’ you simply can not find one at a better price!

Kids At Cost Mattress Options

There’s a number of different options in the kids at cost mattress range, they include;

Cotton 135 – A tried and tested supportive coil mattress which has been hand tufted and hypoallergenic. The cover is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and free from nasty chemical fire retardants. This is the most affordable mattress in the range with a kids single costing just £140.

Cotton 1000 – This is the mattress we’re reviewing in detail. It’s filled with hypoallergenic aerated polyester and has dual eco-insulator mattress pads. It’s got a 1,000 pocket spring base unit and once again the cover is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and free from horrible chemical fire retardants. A Cotton 1000 kids single costs just £187.

Natural 135 – This mattress is handmade by craftsmen and built around a 13.5 Bonnell coil spring unit with all wool and cotton sleeping layers which are insured to provide breathability and regulate temperatures. It’s complete with rods for edge to edge support and once again made from 100% Egyptian cotton and free from nasty chemical fire retardants. The kids Natural 135 single mattress by Warren Evans costs just £178.

Organic 6000 – If you’re looking for the creme de la creme of kids mattresses then you’ll want the Organic 6000 by Warren Evans. This mattress has a central core of superior pocket springs which provide incredible firm support for a child’s back, shoulders and bum regardless of their preferred sleeping position. The organic wool fillers ensure that this mattress regulates its temperature and its 100% Egyptian cotton cover is free from nasty chemical fire retardants. This Organic 6000 single mattress is available £348.

Review: The Cotton 1000

It was incredibly easy to see the difference between Frankie’s old thin mattress and his new Warren Evans Cotton 1000 thick, double-sided sprung mattress.

An as Frankie was at school when it arrived, Helen was quick to jump in as the primary tester.

We made the bed up for Frankie so he could sample it himself when he arrived home (teddies and all…) and he was quickly impressed.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the jealousy of Frankie’s new luxury mattress to catch on. Little sister Matilda was quick to test and approve.

Finally, mummy! (my sister Laura, Frankie’s & Matilda’s mum) who is now convinced that Warren Evans is going to be the supplier of both Matilda’s and her own new mattresses later this year.

40+40 Free Home Trial

All Warren Evans mattresses come with the 40+40 free home trial which allows you to trial your mattress at home for 40 nights. If it’s not suitable, then Warren Evans will come and collect it for free and give you the opportunity to either exchange your mattress or get a full refund.

For more information and the terms and conditions of the offer, visit the Warren Evans website.


Warren Evans mattresses are delivered by BJS Home Delivery Network. Our specific delivery date was agreed upon during the purchasing process. 24 hours in advance of the delivery we received a text message with a four-hour window.

Our window was between 1pm and 5pm, and at 12.30pm our driver rang us to ensure we’d be in and to let us know he’d be here in the next hour.

There’s nothing worse than having to wait in all day for something and in this case the delivery network team were fantastic in providing the window in advance to ensure we could still get all the things done we needed to – and to get cover for the things we couldn’t (or ensure someone would be in to claim the delivery on our behalf)

All Warren Evans mattresses come hygienically sealed in two bags. This incredible protection ensures that when the mattress arrives at your home it really is as new as new can be.


By now you’ve likely come to the same conclusion we have. Warren Evans children’s mattresses are incredible value for money, amazing quality and honestly, they blow the competition out of the water!

The customer service has been impeccable and just in case we weren’t happy with the mattress we were safe in the knowledge that we could send it back for a full refund or exchange – However, in this case, there’s absolutely no need, the mattress is simply amazing!

If all this wasn’t exciting enough, Warren Evans is also going to start selling bed frames again this summer. Ensuring you can get both an incredible bed frame and quality mattress all in one place. Be sure to keep an eye on the Warren Evans website for future updates.

As always we’d love to know what you think of Warren Evans and / or Frankie’s new mattress the Cotton 1000 let us know in the comments below.

Thank you to Warren Evans who provided us with this mattress to review. As always all opinions are our own.

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