Incredible Frozen 2 Dressing Up Accessories

The long awaited Frozen 2 is released on November 22 and I think there are plenty of frozen fans excited to see what the team gets up to. After 6 years of waiting there is a frozen mountain of excitement ready to melt the nation’s hearts again.

There isn’t a person in our family that isn’t a Frozen fan (even my Dad likes it!) This is a film we love to watch at any time of the year but we really love to watch it near Christmas. Matilda is our super fan so it was only fair she helped us out with our review.

We were kindly gifted these items but as always our opinions are our own.

Frozen 2 Whisper & Glow

This was the perfect size for Matilda who loves little toys and figures. These are the perfect size for added gifts or stocking fillers. You can easily wrap these up or hide them in a stocking for Christmas morning.

Of course, there are plenty of them to collect but the best part is that you can pick and choose which character you want. You don’t have to buy 50 to get the one character you were looking for. There are 11 characters to collect and choose from.

This is something from an adult’s perspective that I appreciate and really like as Matilda loves Elsa & Anna and would be forever on the hunt for them.

Matilda was really excited to see the Elsa doll as this is the perfect size for her to carry around and play with. She loves handheld toys, the size was perfect for her little hands and even great to stash away in a bag to carry around.

Elsa was definitely her favourite toy out of the three as she carried her around all day and even took her home to bed. I loved the added feature of blowing into her head and she lights up. You can blow on her a second time to see another colour which is really cool.

Matilda really loved having little secret conversations with Elsa and spent the day carrying her around with her in her hand. We thought the added feature of her glowing and you can blow on her head to make her glow really made the toy stand out from standard figures.

Frozen 2 Magic Ice Sleeve

What Frozen fan doesn’t dream of being just like Elsa? Being able to spray ice from the fingertips and create amazing talking snowmen like Olaf? Well, you are one step closer with the Magic Ice Sleeve.

We opened the box and took everything out, though this was for older age, there was no chance Matilda wasn’t going to have a go. Frankie too had a go and thought it was hilariously fun, he just wanted to prank his Grandad.

We followed the instructions on how to put the bracelet together which was really simple. Though I would suggest you set it up outside as it is an outside toy. The last thing you want is your lovely walls with Elsa’s ice! AKA silly string.

Due to the sleeve being a little big for Matilda she struggled a little but really didn’t put her off. She lifted her hand to trigger the ice to spray and giggled with excitement as it came shooting out.

We found it super fun and exciting, we didn’t use all the silly string can so we can play again another day. What I think would really work well it using that in the summertime with the water spray bottle attached.

It would be great to play within the warmer weather in water fights etc. The sleeve adjusts to fit different size wrists with the plastic clasp fitting over the top.

Frozen 2 Ice Walker

The Frozen 2 Ice Walker was something we were really looking forward to as we all wanted something like this when we were kids. This was a product we knew would get the kids strutting around the room making the floor look like ice.

Matilda was our main tester on this item and she soon got what she had to do to make the lights shine. She had me immediately strap her foot into the ice walker so she could show everyone what it did.

The Ice Walker requires 3x AAA batteries which do not come included so be ready to have some on hand. The battery compartment is located on the back by a small screw so you will also need a small cross head screwdriver to get it.

The Ice Walker simply straps around the base of the shoe and ankle using velcro that can be adjusted to the wearer. It has an on and off switch so you can save the battery power when it isn’t being used. The switch is located on the underneath of the main body of the shoe cover.

Personally, I would have loved to see these in a pair one for each shoe. Though it wasn’t enough to put Matilda off and kept her entertained for quite some time.

You can buy any of these toys from B&M’s or Smyths Toy Store.

These are great accessories to pair up with your Frozen dressing up outfits to wow everyone this Christmas. Better yet you might just find that toy that can provide endless hours of fun.

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