The Importance Of Interior Car Care With Armor All

There’s no car fanatics here at The Harrison Household. However, I know it’s important to keep your car clean. So, like many people, I regularly take it to the carwash, especially in the summer!

Maybe it’s just me, but when I think of a clean car the first thing I think of is that shiny bonnet, the sparkling alloys, wondering whether your windscreen was always this clear. I don’t think about the interior of the car.

However, I really should!

Why Interior Car Care Is Important

There are some major benefits to keeping the interior of your car clean these include;

Preventing Stains & Grime

It kind of goes without saying that the longer a stain sticks around the harder it is to get off. So, regularly taking care of the interior of your car can easily prevent this.

Of course, what makes cleaning the interior of a car rather difficult is the variety of surfaces and different materials. You wouldn’t clean your kitchen counter with the same materials you clean your bathroom with, same goes for the interior of your car.

Preventing Germs

Just writing this makes me shudder…

We all spend A LOT of time inside our cars – for most of us, it’s longer than we’d like to admit. Which of course means that we – along with any of our passengers touch a lot of it. All of this can lead to a car-full of germs, rather literally!

Cleaning your car on a regular basis gives a blank canvas to these germs and prevents them harvesting and spreading further.

Maintaining The Cars Value

It’s no secret that a car is one of the leading depreciation items on the market. However, there are small changes you can make as a car owner to maintain the value of your car for longer. Interior car care is one of them.

Nobody want’s to be buying a car that has a coffee stain on the dash, a cig burn in the seat, rubbish on the floor and dirty windows. All of this can easily be prevented with regularly interior car care.

How To Apply Interior Car Care

So, we know the importance of interior car care, but how best are we able to tackle this task?

I asked Armor All if they could help us figure this out. They sent us there popular interior car care kit.

The benefit of the interior car cleaning kit is the range of products it comes with. Remember before how I mentioned different surfaces need a different product and a different amount of attention, well these four products help you achieve this.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The multi-purpose cleaner is a great product to start with. It comes in a spray bottle solution and has an integrated stain removal action. You can apply this solution to the fabrics within your car as well as the plastic and thanks to the amazing deep cleaning action you won’t have to scrub. Instead simply wipe away the dirt.

Gloss Finish

Once you’ve cleaned it’s time to make protect while also helping your interior shine. This can easily be achieved with Armor All protectant gloss finish. A small amount goes a long way here which is why you’ll find this bottle to feature a smaller squirty lid for the best form of application to the interior of your car.  Use this on the vinyl, rubber and plastic within your car to achieve a wonderful ‘new car’ shine.

Glass Wipes

Glass is surely the hardest surface/material to clean, right? It’s an absolute pain!

A dirty windscreen or a streak on a mirror within your car can be a real distraction while driving, which is why I’m so thankful for our next product. Glass wipes! Just one large wipe is enough to do the interior of a small car which means that this pack of 20 wipes should last you months if not years.

Leather Wipes

If you have a full or half leather interior you’ll know what a pain cleaning leather can be and how quickly and easily the material can look old and tattered. Which is why I’m so thankful to be rounding this Armor All interior car cleaning kit off with a pack of 20 leather wipes.

This concludes our post on interior car care, it’s importance and how to achieve it. I hope you’ve found this information useful. As always if you’ve any questions about anything within this article feel free to leave us a comment down below.

We received the armor all products free in return for this honest review.

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